Boys Republic Christmas Gift Challenge Day 1


Hello Royal Family! I bring you day 1 of the Christmas Gift Challenge! Day 1 is OneJunn! He is so beautiful!

OneJunn, I would like to say thank you for becoming the man you are! I am so proud to be a Royal Family! You are so kind, sweet and an outstanding and amazing singer, and dancer. I will always support you and Boys Republic! The gift I would like to give you is this poem:

Boys Republic is a group of five guys,

They dance, sing and make me sigh.

There are times I laugh and cry,

From the excitement of these guys.

I stand in line to get an autograph,

And try to make you laugh.

I will always have Boys Republic close at heart,

And proud to be a Royal Family fan art.

Hope you enjoyed my Christmas gift! Until next time stay Royal!


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