Winter Simulcast Reviews

I want to try something new. I want to change Vingle. I want it to still be a great place to post about your favorite ship, post fan art, and just anything cool regarding anime. But, starting Winter 2018 anime season, I'm going to be watching the first three episodes of every NEW (not continuations) simulcast that's to be released on crunchyroll's linup. I'm going to rate these anime on story, fan service, character development, artistic appearance, and whether or not it fits in its niche. Each category will represent a star, thus resulting in a 5 star rating. This will hopefully spark discussion on said anime and cause more to pick up the anime or drop it. I want to do this because I'm getting tired of the same old things on vingle. Hopefully this goes well and I continue to do this for every anime series. If not then I'll just do it for the anime I'm interested in. Stayed tuned for next month.

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