Love & Money Chapter One (+18)

“Good Moring Seoul, today is a special day for everyone within this wonderful country as two of the wealthiest families come together by marriage. For those who want to watch this wedding come at 2 o’clock where it will be broad casted for all to see. Here in 10 minutes we will be speaking with guests about the wedding, what to expect, and hints of the wedding dress. Now to move on to what is next on our agenda.”

The tv went on mute as soon as the anchor women started talking about a body being found and the identity was a woman that went missing 3 weeks ago. The woman was from the high society and many suspected more women to go missing. Jiwoo didn’t pay any mind to the news as she was always at the hospital or at home. Though, lately since she was one day single and newly engaged two weeks ago, she’d been busy working on planning her wedding. More on the lines her mother and soon to be mother in law were planning the wedding. To no surprise, both mothers had it done within a week along with having invitations sent to important people, who RVSP within a day.

Jiwoo wasn’t amazed on what money could accomplished. In fact, she hated the idea of how money had power over people at times. Especially with this wedding. The door to her room opened as the maid walked in with a tray filled with breakfast. Looking at the food wasn’t appealing to her. Turning away from the maid, Jiwoo unmuted the tv as they continued to talk about the wedding.

“This is the wedding of the year.” “We have the daughter of the Jung Hospitals who is a charming young woman who works with children and is also a head of a handful of charities. Then we have the son of the Park shopping malls that bring in new things for everyone to enjoy. The son is even a great socialite when it comes to business. I wouldn’t be surprised that if these two would put a charity together, with Jimin’s social skills and Jiwoo’s mind.”

“That would be a surprise and what is even more a surprise is to have the top two families make history by combining together.” .

“Miss, you shouldn’t be watching this. It will only make you upset.” The maid told her while pouring a glass of water for Jiwoo.

“Why? It’s not like they are saying the lies that both families told them. This marriage is just a cover up. My father wants another property to own and his family just wants to gain back the money that they lost.” Jiwoo grabbed her fork and pushed her food around. She wasn’t partially hungry. Not with the nerves and the built-up anger that she had inside. She was happy with where she was at. Being appointed the head of Pediatrics she was in the peak of her life. Now Jiwoo had to deal with getting married when she wasn’t ready too. But she had no say like with what school she went to along with what job she wanted. It was a blessing that she fell for working with kids and chose that as her fellowship. Jiwoo didn’t care if that wasn’t what her father wanted, but in the end, she was happy.

Her father and mother knew that she was willing to marry only on her terms. Two weeks ago, when they called her to see if she was free for dinner, Jiwoo had no clue that she would be told that she would getting married. Pissed with just thinking about it, Jiwoo stood up and went to her balcony window and glared at the number of reporters blocking every entry way.

With a deep sigh, Jiwoo turned around and walked into her walking closet. Changing into a pair of jeans, a button up cream dress shirt, and a pair of tan pumps. Putting on earrings, a necklace, and her watch, Jiwoo grabbed her purse before walking out her bedroom door. She walked out of the house without anyone noticing and taking a secret way that no one would notice. Jiwoo got into an unknown car that is hers, but a car that no one would suspect she would drive, and drove off in the opposite direction of the press.

Jiwoo had to find something to do rather than sitting around twiddling her thumbs and letting the anger build up even more. She knew a place that she could escape. That place was the hospital. The drive there allowed her to clear her mind as all she could think about what seeing her patients and the children asking her stories. When she arrived and parked, Jiwoo grabbed her bag and walked in. Going straight to her office, her neighbor peaked out his head to see why she was here. Ignoring him, Jiwoo put on her lab coat and head to the Pediatrics section.

Many of the patients that were sitting in the clinic as she walked by were in aw to see that the bride was here and not at getting ready for her wedding. The nurses walked by and a few rushed to her side. Interns under her care a few were flirting with the nurses at the front desk of the Pediatrics department. Jiwoo shook her head and went to one of the nurse who was doing her job. Jiwoo was looking at the charts, going through to see if there were any changes with any of her patients, before moving to a stack of charts for more patients to see.

“Dr. Jung shouldn’t you be getting ready for you wedding?” one of the other pediatrics doctors walked up next her to look at the charts.

“Dr. Lee nice to see you this fine morning, and no not right now. All I have to do is just show up before I have to walk down the aisle.” Jiwoo looked at him before walking down the hall where patients were ready to see their doctor.

“Yah! you should be on cloud nine!” Dr. Lee shouted down at her. Jiwoo just looked at him and smiled before walking into the first room.

Jiwoo smiled at the nine-year-old boy who had a sad look on his face while holding his arm. Jiwoo introduced herself and started to examine the boy. His mother was sitting in the chair next to the bed telling Jiwoo the story of what happened. Jiwoo looked at his arm and asked if there were any other spots that was injured. The boy just shook his head and whined when Jiwoo touched the sore spot on his arm.

“I am going to have you go and get some x-rays done. I don’t know if it is broken or not, though it doesn’t feel right. So, before I make a diagnosis, I want to see the x-rays. Nurse Kwon will lead the way.” Jiwoo smiled and walked out before the nurse walked them to get x-rays done.

Jiwoo went to the next room and the next. She went through many charts, with multiple cases of strep throat, the flu, common cold, and a broken arm. She was back in her office watching the clock. Jiwoo was debating about showing up at the last minute, but closing her eyes she knew that it wouldn’t make her family look good. A knock on the door made Jiwoo open her eyes to see Dr. Lee poked his head before walking in.

“Shouldn’t you be leaving now?” He questioned.

“Would you like to take my place? Just to show how foolish this whole thing truly is?” Jiwoo asked.

“Um I don’t think your soon to be husband would like that idea, because one I am a man, and two he isn’t into men.” Dr. Lee stated while closing the door behind him.

“You just need to go, and I will be there soon.” He walked over to a small closet that was no bigger than a locker, and grabbed her purse.

Jiwoo stood up and went through the motions of taking her lab coat off and handing it to Dr. Lee. With a little push out the door, Jiwoo went emotionless as she walked toward the parking garage.


Groaning with the light shining through the window made the pain much worse. The day had come to where he was no longer able to have the freedom that he was used too. With the woman he was about to marry was the type, from just looking at her, to make sure that he was not allowed to have any fun. The pounding on the door made the pain that was subsisting to return and even more painful. Doing his best to get up off the floor while trying to figure out how in the hell he was on the floor and who all the people were.

The pounding of the door pulled him out of his thoughts making him focus on the task at hand. To give, whomever was pounding on the door, his two cents. Opening the door, he gave a half smirked to see his best friend and bodyguard, standing there ready to pound the door once again.

“Jimin you need to get ready. Your wedding is starting in 3 hours.”

“Oh, Jungkook I don’t have to do much beside get dress and be there before its time.” Jimin said stepping out into the hallway only to turn around to grab his phone and wallet along with his keys. Walking back out he closed the door behind him. Jungkook closed his eyes in frustration and walked away. Jimin ran to keep up with him and slapped Jungkook on the back.

“Hyung you may not like that you are getting married, but it is a must to help out your family.” Jungkook stated pushing the lifts down button.

“I know Kookie, I was just living out my last day of being a single man until I am married and no longer aloud to have fun.” Jimin whined when the chime on the lifted signaled that it had arrived. Both walked on with Jimin standing on the corner with his head leaning against the connecting wall. Jungkook pressed the parking garage button and stood on the opposite side of Jimin.

“Can we stop by somewhere on our way?” Jimin asked.

“No, I have been given orders to take you to the wedding hall to get ready before greeting the guest.” Jungkook closed his eyes as he spoke. Jungkook knew that Jimin wanted one last hooray with his on and off again fuck buddy.

“You are no fun at all.”

When the lift stopped on their destination, the two men walked out to Jimin’s car. There were more guards standing outside waiting by the car that Jungkook drove in. Jungkook took Jimin’s keys and opened the back door of Jimin’s car to let Jimin in.

Once Jimin was in the car, Jungkook slide into the driver’s seat and drove off once the car was started. Jimin closed his eyes trying to get more sleep. If his mother saw that he wasn’t well rested the disappointment look on her face gnawed at him. He disliked that idea of making his mother worry. His father was a whole another ball park to deal with. Jimin’s father didn’t like what Jimin did every day, but his father never once stopped him. Though with things happening now with his getting married, Jimin had a sickening feeling that his father would have Jimin more involved with the family business.

Jimin didn’t mind that work, but he didn’t want to do any more then what he was already doing. Turning his thoughts to something else, his mind was filled about his bride. Jimin only meet her once when it was announced of the arrange marriage. Thinking back on that day, Jimin remembered being dragged by Jungkook to a private room with his parents and Mr. and Mrs. Jung. Jimin was confused on why he was there until, Jiwoo walked in apologizing for being late. Jimin watched her mother give a disapproving look and then turned to look at Jiwoo who walked over to sit next to her father, right across from Jimin.

Jiwoo looked at Jimin and nodded at him to acknowledge that he was there. That ticked Jimin off as he was used to getting attention from any female who looked at him. Throughout the dinner their parents spoke about business while Jimin ate and sipped his wine. Occasionally, he would look up at Jiwoo who was eating along with typing away on her phone. After a few minutes, Jiwoo stood up from her chair gathering her things. Her mother asked her where she was going, and Jiwoo’s response was about a patient of hers. Mr. Jung told her to sit down and that other doctors would do her work. The looked on Jiwoo’s showed how pissed she was. Though when Jiwoo looked at Jimin, she went back to emotionless face.

After that evening and everyone was full after a six-course meal, both the Jung’s and Park’s announced a wedding that would be held within two weeks. Jiwoo looked at Jimin with wide eyes coming to realization that the ones getting married was her and Jimin. With Jimin, he hid the fact that he was surprised along with being pissed. For the past two weeks, Jimin partied. He didn’t care if it was on the papers or the news. He wasn’t ready to give up his freedom.

Jungkook looked in the review mirror to see that Jimin was fast asleep when he pulled into the parking garage of the wedding hall. Once parked, Jungkook through a box of Kleenex at Jimin. Jimin shot up hitting his head on the roof of the car. Glaring at Jungkook knowing he was the one that disturbed him while sleeping.

“What the hell was that for?” Jimin growled under his breath.

“Just making sure you were alive.” Jungkook replied to his question before getting out and walking over to Jimin’s door.

“Let’s get this damn wedding done and over with. Did you make arraignments at the hotel for me?” Jimin asked while getting out of the car.

“She will have the honeymoon suite while you will have your own room to yourself.” Jungkook said, closing the door and walking beside Jimin.

“Good, we may be married on paper, but I will not bed her.” after that statement, squeals of a car pulled their attention. When the white Volvo parked, and the driver of that car stepped out, Jimin locked eyes with his bride. His attention was soon pulled away, when the wedding planner came running out frantic about needing to get both into their rooms to change. The wedding planner was more panicked since Jiwoo needed more time to get dressed.

Without acknowledging the wedding planner, Jiwoo walked into the building looking for her assigned room. The wedding planner fell to her knees with tears ready to stream down her face. Jimin walked over to her and helped her up. Putting on his charm that made many fall for him, the wedding planner told him that Jiwoo was supposed to be here two hours ago, but decided to go to work instead. The wedding planner was frustration that she was ready to rip her hair out.

Jimin leaned down and kissed her neck. The poor wedding planner looked at Jimin as if he was crazy.

“I’m not married yet and I can help you with all the built-up frustrations.” Jimin whispered. The wedding planner knees were threatening to buckle as Jimin led her to a secluded area to make her world explode.

Jungkook shock his head and walked into the building to see Jiwoo standing in front of her assigned room. Walking closer to her, he overheard voices within her room.

“That child of mine is the worst. It’s her wedding day and yet she can’t be bothered to show up on time. Her job is more important than making her parents happy.” One woman said, Jungkook assuming it was her mother.

“At least you have a child that listens. The only reason we are having him marry is because his father and I are done with his life style. We found out about the missing money.” Mrs. Park, a voice that Jungkook knew all too well.

“The money that was missing was because of your son?” Mrs. Jung asked.

“Yes, apparently, my son spent money on this one woman that seemed to be very greedy with wanting more. Jimin was so hooked into her claws that he was willing to give her everything that we had. Another reason why I am hoping that this marriage will make him learn.”

Jiwoo dropped her hand for the door handle and turned around to walk away running into Jungkook. Without looking up at him, Jiwoo moved to the side. Jungkook took ahold of her wrist, without a reason on why he was stopping her. When she looked up at him, Jungkook saw within her eyes that this whole wedding was talking a lot out on her.

Jiwoo gave him a smile and ripped her wrist from his hold. Turning back around, she walked into the room, shoving what anger she had towards this wedding deep down. Jungkook watched his hand still in the position that it was in from holding her wrist. The spark that he felt filled his mind with questions that cannot be answered let alone asked without raising unwanted attention. Shaking it off, Jungkook walked to Jimin’s assigned room and waited for him to finish his fuck of the day.


“Ladies and gentlemen thank you for attending this historical event today as the Jung’s and Park’s come together as one. Before we start let me introduce myself, I am Kim Taehyung, your MC. I have been best friends with Jimin since the day I moved to Seoul. He asked me to be you MC today when he told me that he was going to get married. Without hesitation I told him I would do it. Now ladies and gentlemen let’s welcome the groom Park Jimin!” Taehyung, the mc and best friend of the groom shouted his intro and called Jimin out to walk down the aisle.

Jimin walked through the double French doors, fixing his cufflink, giving the guest to his wedding a glamorous smile. The coward erupted with applause as he walked, Jimin’s group of friends being the loudest. At the end of the aisle, Jimin stopped and turned around right when the wedding planner walked through the doors, buttoning the last button on her shirt. Jimin winked at her, making her blush. Jungkook watched the exchanged and shook his head.

“Now if everyone can please stand as I announce the bride. Jung Jiwoo, please enter!” Taehyung shouted once again as everyone stood up as the French doors opened once more.

Everyone was in awe when Jiwoo walked in. She looked like a princess with her hair in a simple half up half down curled hairstyle. Crystal hair accessories with a hint of blue that matched her earrings, bracelet, and necklace. What wowed the guest the most was how simple the dress was. Long and straight white dress that showed the back which led down with a small train. The shoulders were covered in lace that sparkled. Holding a small bouquet of white roses, Jiwoo walked down the aisle towards that man that she was to call her husband.

When she reached the end, everything went numb. Jimin noticed the look in her eyes was blank. When it came to the vows, it was like she was a robot saying, ‘I do’. When Taehyung announced to kiss the bride, Jimin just pecked her lips, a spark shocked him. The looked in her eyes replaced the blank look with her normal self. He watched her look down at her left hand and then back at him. Jiwoo closed her eyes and then reopened them as they walked down the aisle hand in hand.

Once they were through the French doors, Jimin and Jiwoo let go of each other’s hands as the wedding planner walked them to a separate room to refocus themselves before walking back into the same room for the reception. The wedding planner walked out giving the newlyweds a moment.

“I’m not bedding you or on the honeymoon.” Jimin spoked in a harsh tone.

“I wasn’t planning let alone expecting anything. We’re just married on paper and in front of the public. We are nothing more than a piece a paper.” Jiwoo spoke matching the tone of his voice.

With what they said, Jimin and Jiwoo put on fake smiles and walked out of the room holding hands hiding the disgust.

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