Excuse Moi?

Okay now that you saw the article I'll talk,

At first I was so pissed to see this article, with good reason because the article makes it sounds as if Daehyun was to busy with other things to participate in the new MV

which is farfetched! Okay not as far as the eye might think, Seriously though, Daehyun is wrapping up the Musical "All Shook Up" he is in and that B.A.P was doing a comeback on top of it, he cant be at 2 places at once all the time. But they could have found scedules to make it so Daehyun could do it, and as another source said he had been available the majority of the time to do the shoot, TS went with a double for shots that were not close up and time slots Daehyun couldn't attend.

Looking close though you cam see that Daehyun was there and filming with the boys.

but in the same breath there are shots that look as if you cant see his face and it could be someone else.

the article uses the word "personal activities" which alot of fans focused on and on twitter and instagram Daehyun came on to explain and sooth things over for fans. Its refreshing to see him taking the time to do so and put in a word about it to.

In this last picture you cam see 5 out of the 6 members faces

Sorry about the rant, its a touchy subject when a group turns to doubles to complete filming to make deadlines. As much as fans wait and anticipate we also understand that when members of the group are doing multiple activities its hard and stressful.

fans understand, but to single a member out specifically to draw up anger towards the company and group is not right.

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