3 Skin Products That Have Actually Worked for Me


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Are you tired of buying products and seeing a whopping total of zero results?


Same, girl.

So today I'm going to share a few products that have actually had a noticeable impact on my skin.

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1. RoC Deep Wrinkle Retinol Correction

Holy cow guys. This stuff is absolutely magic in a bottle. Retinol in any dosage higher than this can only come with a perscription because it is incredibly strong. Creams with this product, if the dosage is right, practically erase fine (and not so fine) lines.

One week.


(image: pop sugar)

2. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment

The winter weather is not kind to my lips and there is nothing I hate more than that tight, almost sticky-dry feeling you get when your lips are parched. While drinking water helps, I found that this lip treatment not only moisturized my lips but softened them, slightly lessened the lines on my lips, aaaand just as an added bonus, it tastes delicious.


(image: klairs)

3. Klair's Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask

This is so sci-fi it's not even funny. The mask has a quality that no matter how much you use it, it will slide back into its previous shape like memory foam. So every time you open the jar it looks brand new. Because of this, when you put the mask on your face is really squeezes into your skin. When I wake up, my skin is literally glowing.


What are some products that have ACTUALLY done something noticeable for you?

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