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Dear global marketers, Hello, this is Sandy, the head leader of A12 Global Group having more than 3 million members! In addition to our China Dream Projects of LCFHC, LCYXF and LCFSW, our entire group is now focusing on another business model for new crypto currency on the presale stage: "Alibaba" coins now unveiled as BKN Coin(Trading Coin) and BKS Coin(Bank Stock Coin). The global online bank named BKN BANK was set up in Australia powered by Alibaba Group including Market Engine (CEO Roy Hui), and other big guys including IBM, MS, PWC and HSBC! Please read the whitepaper! You can register here as a trial membership! Now 100 days are the only chance to become a shareholder of BKN Bank at the lowest price! You can get detailed info from my youtube channel: Thanks for reading and listening! Warm regards, Sandy(SeongYeol Ahn) +82 10 2253 4121

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Hello, my friends! My name is SeongYeol, Ahn. People just call me Sandy because it's too long and hard to Ppronounce. I live in Seoul, South Korea. I work for a company, but also I do online marketing business as well. I am a simple busy man, hahaha. Have a great day, my friend!
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