The Sweet Prince

He lies awake, worried of what’s to come. He lies awake, worried if he’s going to be fine. He lies awake, hoping the pain will stand still. A light from the other room comes, he walks to it, dressed in white and gold. The prince sees his fellow brothers as the stood together... bowing for the last time. A voice comes over and says “our hyung is not suffering anymore. He is now an angel in the sky.” He closes his eyes, pain is gone. He closes his eyes, the worry has seized. He closes his eyes, he can finally rest. We all loved, and cared for him, but the world was blind to see, that he too was in pain. The heavens had gain another angel, a beautiful one at that. They mourn for the loss, as we carry the memories.

Rest In Peace

Kim Jonghyun


"A star that shined brightly on stage for 10 years, now a star of the skies."

~Keep your head up Shawols.~

(photo credit to@gehenna1986 - twitter)

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