Let Me Hear You Say FLY

My series of videos to see GOT7 in concert.

As of last year, 2016 I had the privilege to see my Ultimate Bias Group, GOT7 in concert. Through trial and error I managed to acquire tickets. However it was half way across the country from New Orleans to New York because Sold Out everywhere close. JYP and the tour agency added an extra concert day to the tour in New York. I had to be there I had to be with My Babies, My Boys.

knowing the events of the past week ya gotta realise any opportunity missed is lost forever. I missed mine chance to see SHINee lice every opportunity from here on out I won't question I won't debate I'll just do and worry about money issues later.

Check out my series that I just now started posting on the WWW:


This has been your favorite Kpop, Kworld fandom trainee, just a trainee. Elisha 입나다 aka ENF2. Today is another day to do better. I'll do better, you do better.


Stealing Biases since July 2015. I'm new to the KWorld. Sorry I'm Obsessive and Possessive, but I try to be nice about it. lol
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