BTS memes

(im still not 100% myself right now, but im trying to lighten up for the holidays!)

^^^for real tho

^^^ me with my future kids

^^^ its proven.. our boys are actual anime characters (try to guess what my next post will be about )

^^^ my bf is a RM fanboy so im cool

^^^ honestly same tho


^^^whats loyalty? oh ya bias..yea

^^^ im V

^^^ i love these memes!!

^^^ thatd be a whole goddamn meal right there

^^^tag yourself, im hobi

^^^ who else is crying with me

^^^ sweats profusely

^^^me too suga

^^^ oml

^^^couples goals, i mean honestly

^^^look at our responsible hyung!

^^^real, genuine, honest to goodness, considerate men

^^^again i am suga in every situation

^^^ Aime please collect your man....

^^^ who made this??? i just wanna talk

^^^ aww


^^^seriously, screw you Cassidy

^^^ probably her response

^^^ ayyyyyyyyyy

^^^bish wat??

^^^ come on lets go out and play

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