Can You See Us? Part 8

Its taken a while but Merry Christmas!!!! Heres a cute chapter for you all!

Can you see us part 8

After Em told Topaz about what she did during the day so far they had a good laugh.

“It looks like the guys are doing something. I wonder where they are doing” Topaz said following behind them.

“Topi! Topi! Did you find this room before?” Em asked standing half in the door and calling out to her friend.

“What’s in there?” Topaz asked.

‘:Come in and look” Em said going back into the room Topaz changed her direction to follow Em into the room.

Inside the room was full of presents, of all shapes and sizes and so many stuffed animals.

“I’m in heaven!” Em exclaimed as she dived for the cluster of animals. Topaz laughed at her as Em fell into them than stuck her head out. Pulling the rabbit out she made it dance in the air.

“I wonder if they ever come in here and play with this stuff” Topaz wondered out loud looking around the room. There was a bulletin board plastered with cards on it and underneath were boxes of fan made presents.

“Omg this doll is a version of Namjoon!” Em said making another stuffed toy dance in the air.

Em was making the doll dance as Topaz looked around the room, looking at the fan art around the room and the things that the guys had recieved.

“Hey Hobi what are you doing going in there?” Both girls heard a voice seconds before the door jerked open.

Em froze with the Namjoon doll in mid air. Topaz stared at Hobi who had stopped short in the doorway. He was staring at the doll Em was holding and when she came back she smiled at hobi and made the doll wave.

A loud scream came from Hobi who ran out of the room.

“You scared him!” Topaz was trying to hold her laughter in but it was seeping out of her mouth as she spoke.

“I didn’t mean too, but come on the opportunity just presented itself, he walked in on me!” Em was grinning as she dropped the doll back in the pile.

“I swear the doll was moving on its own” Hobi was telling someone was was entering the room behind him.

“Come on man, things don’t move on their own. Pick a couple stuffed animals out we can take to the hospital and we’ll head there now” Namjoon had entered the room with hobi.

“If he’s too scared of the room how is he going to be at the hospital?” Jimin was following them inside. “There could be ghosts” Jimin made a spooky sound than shouted boo.

It startled Em who fell back into the stuffed animals moving them slightly/ Hobi noticed and jolted out of the room.

“I can’t believe him. Hey do you think the dolls would be good?” Jimin moved into the room and picked up a doll that looked like himself and made it dance in the air. Namjoon chuckled.

“That would be good, we can stop and get a few bouquets of flowers too” Namjoon suggested. “Come on help me find the dolls” he added.

His hands grazed where Em was at in the pile making her hiccup and fall through the floor, she emerged several feet away towards the door.

“He touched me!” Em exclaimed than a blush coated her face.

“Like he knew” Topaz rolled her eyes.

“Namjoon grazed my knee” Em was giggling like a school girl all of a sudden.

“hey Em, why do you think they are going to the hospital?” Topaz asked as she watched the 2 guys digging through the pile.

“Dunno. Maybe they are visiting sick children” Em shrugged.

“I swear theres more to it than that” Topaz wondered “are we forgetting something?” she asked.

“Hmm, Bts, Concert, my name is panda wait what? No its Emerald” Em gave a quizzical look at her friend.

“Emmy award winner goes too: Panda! Good job you remembered something about yourself” Topaz rolled her eyes. Em laughed at the line Topaz threw her.

“thank you thank you, I couldnt have done it without my brain” Em waved like a princes to the room.

“I dont think thats what we are forgetting though, wait wait-” Topaz took a moment to h

Think about just as something whizzed through her.

“Dude stop throwing animals”Namjoon said even as another animal was thrown in the air.

Jimin and namjoon were having an animal war. After a few minutes another person emerged into the room.

“guys I really think we should head out “ Jin was caught off guard as a stuffed toy got thrown at him.

It started animal wars in the room. Em and Topaz really wanted to participate but that would just be weird.

All the guys were in the room goofing around and Suga came into the room with a bowl of popcorn the girls stared at him.

“dont stop i wanna watch the show “ he stated when some of the guys looked at him and stopped.

The guys threw their animals at suga than emptying their hands.

and Aimie I love this photo you did below! BTS christmas spirit!

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