How Did K-Pop Change You?



I never grow old of telling the story of how I first got into Kpop and how it saved me.

Before kpop I had gotten out of a long relationship to discover why he loved me so much, what made me worth it, I also was at a lost at what to do with myself I was struggling to find a major in college because I had lost my passion for everything. I was at a job I didn't see a future in and had no hobbies. I was dull and had no direction in life.

Then 내 안니, aka my big cousin introduced to 2 year hidden obsession. She had me, attractive guys, synchronized dancing, and bumping music(even through the language barrier, I liked anime so that wasn't much of a stretch, subtitles were made for a reason)

1. Gave Me a Goal (Short Term)

So 언니 was planning for a concert a little after introducing me to this whole new world. Goals were made:

-Save money and go with her.

-Search for Music and learn more about the artist.

-Listen to more of the music so I won't feel like an outsider at the concert.

-Go To Concert.

2. Made Me Passionate (again)

It rekindled a fire I thought dead. I was excited to go to a concert, excited to hang out with friends, excited to talk about something I liked again.

3. Made Me Social (again)

Back in high school I had loads of associates that I could keep up conversation with. Talk about loads of different topics; School, classes, upcoming events, Harry Potter, Yu-gi-oh! and loads of just random stuff just to be random (gosh I miss my youth, the whole mess of it all).

After I graduated I didn't immediately go to college so my only friends became my Boyfriend and little sister (not a way to live soon conversations are dull and agitation becomes easier).

Now I'm apart of fandoms and actually talk to people on the streets that notice my kpop merch.

4. Made Me Smile (again)

Music I was listening to prior to kpop wasn't really allowing me to emot, unless it was old quality gold. Western music at the time seemed so commercial and stupid, so inappropriate and mean. GOT7 my Ultimate Bias Group had come out with 딱좋아 aka Just Right around then and I was in love.

2016 was hard but music kept coming, I had plenty of ups and down including my dad passing and the loads of hospital visits that came along with it. Music kept me going.

5. Gave Me Goals (Long Term)

So Kpop and Korean culture are my passion now. Almost everything I do now surrounds one or the other.

-I'm learning Korean

-Planning a trip to Korean

-Planning More K-Concert trips

-Creating content on my YouTube channel that revolves around Korean culture.


K-Pop didn't just change me, it gave me a whole new life and way of thinking.

Without K-Pop I'd most likely still be dull and boring and not knowing what to do with my life.

This has been your favorite Kpop, Kworld fandom trainee, just a trainee. Elisha 입나다 aka ENF2. Today is another day to do better. I'll do better, you do better.

사랑해 <3

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