Turn Off Your Phone (Jay Park Fan Fiction) chapter 3

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Jay's POV

It's been a week since the confrontation with Becky's sister Y/N. And I can't stop thinking about her. No woman ever talk to me like she did. Here I am at my desk thinking about it again.


Y/N stroms up to Jay's table

'Who do you think you are to be texting my sister's phone?'

'Who the fuck are you? '

Jay demands to know

'I am Becky's sister, and that's all you need to know. Also leave her alone! She's in a healthy relationship now. She doesn't need your so call booty call dates'

Y/N replied in angry voice.

'Well if that is the case, please give me back my phone. It belongs to my company'

Jay says while holding out his hand towards her.

She clutched the phone close to her. She reached in her bag, and pulls out a card.

Jay couldn't help but admire her spunky attitude.

'Here is my card. My name is Y/N and I can't return your phone yet. I was under the impression that this was my sister's phone. I will mail it back as soon as I get my new one. Take it as payment for disturbing my sleep'

She says while putting her card no my table. She was about to walk away, when Jay gets up and grabs her hand.

'You know I can always turn off that phone? '

Jay asked when she looks at him

'You won't '

She replied, and then pulls her arm away and walks out.

Jay just stares at her as see walks out. He can feel people stare at him, while he picks up her card. He reads it. He smirks at it. He starts tapping it against the table. Y/N doesn't know who she's messing with, but she will found out soon.

*end of flashback*

Jay found out that Y/N is the designer that is bidding for the opportunity to do a cover for one of his new projects. Simon highly recommended her. So now here he was thinking about her. She was right, he didn't turned off the phone. It was the only thing that connects them for now. She is set to do her presentation this week. Jay had reschedule the original date. He wanted to keep her waiting. He can't wait to see her reaction. He's been fantasizing about the up coming confrontation. Jay sits back in his chair and let the fantasy take over

*Fantasy *

Y/N walks in Jay's office. Once she see who the CEO is, she was so surprise.

'You are!'She says in shock

'Yes, this who I am'

Jay says while walking towards her

'Jay Park at your services'

He introduces himself while holding his hand towards her.

She slowly reaches for his hand.

'I had no idea you would be the CEO of this company '

She says while shaking his hand.

'I know'

He replies with a smirk. He let's go of hand and walks towards his bar in the corner of his office. He goes behind to get himself a drink. He looks up to see Y/N staring at him.

'Would you care for a drink? Tea, water or something else?

Jay asks after taking a sip from his drink.

'Water is fine, thank you'

She replies

Jay serves her a glass of ice water. He placed on the bar. She walks towards it. Once she reached it, Jay walks around to stand behind her and leans in and whispers in her ear

'We have some unfinished business between us.'

He says while inhaling her sweet smell. Y/N starts trembling

'I'm so so sorry for being so rude to you before. I didn't know who you were. Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?'

Y/N whispers


Jay smirks while reaching to caress her neck, then slides his hand down her back to the hem of dress. He pulls her dress up and cup her bare ass possessively.

'Yes, anything you want'

She replies while shaking her ass.

'I was hoping you'd say that'

He purrs, his lips brushing her ears as his hands pulls her tight to his rock hard cock.

'Because I believe its time to show you who I am. Its time to claim what's mine since I laid eyes on you.'

She whimpers while falling into his kiss, then gasps when he presses her against the bar top.

'Bend over, baby girl'

He growls

'Bend over and show me that pretty little ass.'

She gasped when he grips her hair in his fist and pulls it aside, his lips trailing down her neck. His fingers find her zipper to her dress,

and he tugs it down in one firm motion. The dress tumbles away, and she shivers as she feels his piercing eyes trace over her skin.

'So fucking beautiful '

He goans, while his hands skim over her sides. His fingers tease over her skin, and then he deftly pulls away the clasp to her bra. She let's it drop. She moans as his hands slide around to cup them, his fingers teases her nipples as his teeth graze over her neck. She melts back into him, feeling his body pressed so tight to her, and feeling his huge cock against her.

He pulls away, and let's his shirt drop to the ground, before his hands moves back to her body. He teases them down, sliding over her breasts, her belly, and her hips. He skims down her tighs, pushing her panties the rest of the way down. He wraps around her, and she gasp as he easily picks her up in his powerful, muscled arms.

'Right here, angel'

He growls in her ear, while settling her onto a lushly padded, low bar stool. He places her on her knees, her thighs together as he pushes her forward so she's leaning against the bar top. His hands pulls her ass back, and she arch her back, whimpering as she feels his hands slide over her thighs and his breath tease over her exposed pussy.

'I've been dying to taste you since we met'

He groans while moving forward. His lips press against her ass, kissing one cheek and then the other before he moves lower.

'Jay! Are you busy?'

Simon bust in Jay's office.

Fantasy interrupted

Oh! Sorry man!

Simon says once he realized what he walk in on. He starts laughing while Jay straightened himself up.

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