Awake Chapter 10

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✳✳Jin's POV✳✳

'That's one odd girl', I thought as I walked back to the restaurant. Avoiding most of the hustle and bustle of the kitchen, with a moody chef and customer with no manners, I'm glad I can call it a day.

Saying my quick goodbyes to everyone before I grabbed my jacket and some food, 'yea she must be hungry',I thought instantly making sure I packed extra.

With the hot food in hand and jacket in the other, I walked towards the break room located behind the kitchen.

"Hey, are you okay?", A familiar voice called to me from the door. A bit startled, I placed the food down on the table that's in the middle of the room. I looked back well aware of who was there behind me.

"Oh.. What brings you here?", I blurted out sounding a bit rushed, which I was but I couldn't let anyone know.

He walked right in, even though a sign posted front and centered on the door clearly stated 'employees only'.

"I need your help Jin for all times sake, listen no one can get the job done like you", he said trying to convince me into helping him. "Think about it, an innocent life is in grave danger over here" he added, I had stop him before he continued.

"First of, you should go and get yourself some rest. The exhaustion will make it harder for you to concentrate Namjoon". Maybe he didn't want to admit it but he was a walking disaster at the moment, looking like he hasn't slept for months.

"I can't, she's running many risk right now." He was genuinely worried, but I still didn't want to bud in since it's none of my business. "Jin, I'm in charge of her safety I have to bring her home and you're acting like it's nothing." He gasped in disbelief, covering his face with both his hands. Pacing left and right.

I had no reaction towards his words which evidently bothered him, but what can I possibly do when it doesn't involve me the least bit. Am I right?

"Listen I'm not saying I won't help, but I rather stay away and not get involved in the mess of things." I said to avoid going in circles with this conversation.

"I'm a bit busy right now and even if you didn't. Don't put our....YOUR team in danger for the sake of a spoiled child who decided to run off to who knows where", I snapped irritated from the ongoing conversation that was leading nowhere.

"Yes, I- I know Jin but there is more to it than just a simple runaway." At this point I caught on the reason he so desperately needed my help.

"Oh... so let me guess, when that child gets herself in trouble you're always getting her out of I right?" I stood there waiting for an answer. There was a long pause, I was tired and ready to move on. Keeping in mind the girl. 'Yea, she must be tired of waiting.'

"That's not the point Jin." He spoke, and looked me directly in the eyes. "So will you help me or not." He continued, determined to get me back no matter the cost.

I took a step back, rubbing the side of my temple. No, I wasn't ready to give a straight answer right away.

"I'm busy right now. I'll call you up later, but I'm not sure if I'm the right man for the job." After what felt like so long apart from the gang, I realized many things in my life were dysfunctional.

He held onto my shoulder.

"Nonsense. You're the best one on the why don't you come back. It will be like the old days" he egged on. Memories came to mind of those good times we had.

I pushed my arm from his grip, 'but that's exactly what I want. To break away from Namjoon... to break away from the old days'. He knew this from the day I departed. The day I gave my position as leader to him.

"You're not thinking, let's be real you're not only doing this because it's your so called duty. There's more you're avoiding to tell me". I raised my voice as I tried to reason with his stubborn self.

Clearly dodging my question, he looked away for a minute, took a deep sigh and nodded.

"Jin I need your help" he pleaded. I knew he wasn't going to go away unless I agree to help. In a way I felt obligated, I couldn't bare to see all his hard work go to waste. Failure is not an option.

"I don't want to put the guys in any danger, that's why I came all this way... Just to get your help, you're the expert here. You taught me everything I know Jin." He tried to keep a tough appearance, but it fell flat with every answer I gave him.

"You're not going to give up are you" I said with a smirk, looking at him for the last time.

"Answer when I call" I said to Namjoon and with that I walked out the room and out the restaurant.

"That took longer than expected" I said walking to the car with my hands full.

I tapped the passenger door but she was looking like she didn't want to be seen by someone. I opened the door and realized she had my sweater on, what a cute surprise that was.

Her eyes widen at the sign of food, giving me a quick look as if to ask for approval. "Go ahead, you must be hungry" I smiled as she tried so hard to hide the fact she was stuffing her face with food.


"Where are you taking me?" She asked a bit confused. It should've been more than obvious considering her ankle might be broken.

"To the hospital, you need to get your foot checked" I added but she refused right away, threatening to jump out the car if I did.

"Please, I'm sure is nothing major" she asserted Practically begging. Going against my instincts I let this one slide.

"Is there any particular place I can take you—" getting cut mid sentence once she yelled No.

If she wasn't going to give me an address, I'll have to find it myself. I turned the car around.

"Okay, I'll take you to mine". In the meantime asking some basic questions to make her feel at easy and assure her I wasn't going to try anything funny.

I was tempted to ask about the dress and how she ended up sleeping behind the trash. 'No, its personal Jin, she won't tell you’.

I had to mind my own business. Although I could without a doubt assume the groom was at fault.

Perhaps he cheated.


We reached our destination. I parked my car on the side of the two story building I lived in, where two parking spaces available, one of which belonged to my sweet neighbor.

“Hold on, Watch your step” I stressed since it was darker than usual. I wasn't sure how severe her injury must be and no way would I take a chance of adding on to that injury. Walking to the side of the passenger seat, I placed my car key inside my jacket.

“Hold on to me” I warned before scooping her off from the seat. Holding her in my arms bridal style. Closing the car door behind me. Her silence spoke volumes at this very moment.

The way she avoided any eye contact, staring blankly at my chest tugged at my heartstrings. Leaning her head closer to my chest. She could hear my pase accelerate. The overwhelming feeling of wanting to protect this innocent girl took over.

‘What the hell kind of sorcery is she working on me’ I thought reaching the last set of stairs.

Noticing she fell asleep in my arms, I slowly entered my key. The door creaked open, nope I didn't have much but the essentials to help her out.

Having to take a second look, I decided to place her down on my bed after all she was my guest and I haven't yet cleaned up the guest room.

The dress made it a bit tricky but I managed to lay her down. Biting the inside of my cheek I looked for an extra blanket to cover her. 'This will do just fine’. Bringing over the blanket, I covered her.

Leaving the room, I was about to close the door when suddenly out of nowhere, she spoke.  

“Nam... Namjoon”. She curled in fetal position. A single tear dropped tracing down her cheek, followed by quiet sobs.


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