One Punch Man

So I finally watched it since I kept hearing about it. I Honestly enjoyed it though I don't think I got as into it as most people.

I kept hearing "OMG ITS SO AWESOME" "#BEST ANIME EVER" So when I did watch it I had high hopes. My thoughts wasn't as high as most people, I didn't dislike it nor did I think it was the best thing since Fairytale. It was like meh, but a little more than meh so it was good? I kept thinking of cailu but older or a ounger version of Mr.Clean. Though I did find a really cute gay ship and a new husbando.

Gay Ship Below

New husbando. (P.S Genos would be the new husbando if I didn't ship him with Saitama so much)

Hey guys its me Danica the Darling fan of anime and nerd stuff everywhere! I haven't been on in awhile, I know and I'm sorry but hey, I'M BACK AND READY FOR MORE AND MORE CARDS!!!
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