🎊Themed Week For 🎉JaeBum's Birthday🎊

Jan. 2 Ideal BIRTHDAY date with JaeBum..

Okay ... This is about JaeBum and what he likes goes so.. if I have to go to South Korea and go on a date for his birthday we will do what he likes best.. Go on bus rides and taking randoms pictures from places and things..

Is the best for me too because I would like to go around different city to visit, and take pictures as we are on it.. First we Should go to his City where he was born Goyang yes, I would like to know the Birth place of GOT7 Leadernim...

go around to few nice place or important place of the city..may be his Favorite place.. Or galleries and museums..

national parks or just local parks..

Then, we can go around South Korea..



All that on a bus or train...

He might be talking randoms pictures of us or places...

We will go wherever he wants to go.. and then the city I want to go..lol

Then We will stay in a place those inn by the road small and cozy, just to continue next day.. We might take a week or may be more days for this..lol.

since there are quite few cities...

That would be the perfect BIRTHDAY date.. because we both will enjoy it..

We can take beutiful pictures of nature.. like the skies at nigh.. I love taking Nature pictures and probably he does too.

"Oh.. La Luna" ♡

I know he like to takes pictures of simple little things, like Vintage stuff...He might take pictures of that abandon Van by the trees..

Or just to that towel arrangement in the Inn where we stayed..lol

Finally We would go back after a Nice ride around South Korean.. and my last picture before coming back to America..would be of Him singing...

ChicAndSexyJBDayIGOT7withGOT7 andGOT7








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