It's Finally Happening Otakus!


Hey Otakus!

It's Been A Very Long Time But I Am Finally Ready To Bring Back Some Fun & Love To The Anime Community!❤

So Here Are Some Themes & Things To Expect From Me Again xD

So I was looking back at my Anime Collections and honestly I was about to delete my Anime Reviews Collection but then I began to read my reviews and your guy's comments and I felt so inspired to write reviews again! My Anime Reviews Will Be Making A Comeback! So I hope you guys stay in tune for those!

(If you would like to see some of my old Reviews here's a link!)

My Anime Reviews!


Honestly I am very dissapointed in myself for letting this theme die. It was Created By The Lovely@hikaymm (Who Sadly No Longer Posts On Vingle ;-;) and because of that I decided to continue her legacy but failed to post weekly to then just completely stopping ;-; Gomene Otakus. But I hope to bring this amazing classic back and I hope you fellow Otakus Are With Me! I'll Be Posting The WW Themes Schedule by tomorrow or Sunday (Also! If you guys have any themes you would wish to do comment down below!)


Anime games LIKE. . .

- Anime F.M.K! (Fuck. Marry. Kill.)

- Anime Screenshot Games!

- Guess That Anime (New!)

- Anime Battle Royal (New!)

(Also My Games Are For BOTH Genders So for those that were curious there is no need to be no more xD)

And if you guys have any games that you would wish to play comment below!


For Now These Are The Only Things I'll Be Doing Because If I Try To Do Anything Else I Probably Wouldn't Have Time For These Again And Basically End What I Just Started ;-;

I Hope You Guyd Join In On The Fun And If You Actually Would Like To Participate In Any Of These Things Comment Below So I Can Add You To My Otaku Tag List!

Until Next Time Otakus!❤

Otaku Tag List❤ (Ask to be Added!)

{A} : @AkiraItuha@Anime4life20@AnimeFreak484@AnimeLove300@AnbuRose@AndrewWenstad@AiLove26@amedina0125@AriOrtiz99


{B} :@biancadanica98@Bmondragon93@Bobthe37@BlackoutZJ@Bangtanss@Beanerific321

{C} :@CarlosVega006@Cb12324245@CrazyOtaku3

{D} :@djdoubl3up@Dynasty5789@DripDrop@Dragonshaow@DestinyAgnew@davelasco87@Destroyer123

{E} :@ErzaScarlet56@ElaineMcgarden

{F} :@FileNotSaved@FrangelicaBCaju@Franz115@FirePrincess11@Frosta

{G} :@Gracielou0717@GhoulGasterIRL@Gibbous1992

{H} :@HunnaBallue@hermoineNH1

{I} :@IzamarPalomo@Itlulia@IdolOtaku

{J} :@JanetLeonardo91@JoshWithThumbs@jjbosy@jungshook

{K} :@Kiwigirl90@Kell13@kouvarisb@KrisTheFreak@KarinaRaygoza@KennyMcCormick

{L} :@Luna7@Lilura@LeaEsterline@LCordz@Leolaring@Lisanna10@LizStepter@LoneRose72

{M} :@mithzyramirez10@mistymaity@metaleuphoria@MelissaGarza@mymi@mayarich03@MelissaGarza@MimmiBubble01@MarcusCollins@MorganAlys

{N} :@NeoNinjaRaiden@nimm14@NeckoNecko@NathanielMoanan@NessaB@NatsuMasamune

{O} :@OTPGaLe4eva@OtakuDemon10@IdolOtaku

{P} :@Pander@padfoot77@PRroxx05

{Q} :@QBDaBest@quietone

{R} :@rubychan19@RogueLeigh@RandomlyWrite

{S} :@Sharia@SimplyAwkward@shadow3750@Seera916@SteveZuniga@SabrinadLoran@SAMURXAI@Sugasadamsapple

{T} :@Tsuna545@TaehyungV@thunder1254@TakamiRen@Taylor18920@tkdwjd0626@tvmar@TamashiRogue@TylerCinamella@Tylor619@TiffanyKidd

{U} :@UbaldoRuiz

{V} :@VanessaMcGraw

{W} :@whatamooy 

{X} :@xero0@xxxkahrixxx

{Y} :@Yorginsnarff@yulissab2015

{Z} :@ZakariahForbes@ZacharyStewart

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