Monsta X Introductions~

Hi there, again! So, we are going to try to start posting again for Monsta X! We have a few plans here and there for the weeks ahead, and hope that the community will also want to participate!

Hi, I'm Annamaria, but you can call me Anna or Changkyunie! Monsta X just so happens to be my favorite kpop group! As you can see, my bias in Monsta X is I.M, but I am going to be representing Jooheon, which I am super excited to be doing! I love our little honey bee! My cards should be up on Fridays, along with my card for J-Hope in the bts community as well! I am a multifandom person, and I listen and stan a lot of different groups. Other than expecting posts of Monsta X from me, I will also be posting for Stray Kids, possibly bigflo, as I said before bts, trcng, golden child, and I'm sure many more. Two other groups to expect me to possibly post for would be Dreamcatcher and Twice! I'm 21 and in April I will have been listening to kpop for two years!

I am a college student that will be starting the nursing program in the fall of 2018 at the college that I attend. I am also apart of a sorority up at my school, but that is really the only extra thing I do right now with my school. Occassionally, as long as I have time, I like to write fanfics and make moodboards. I'm not exactly a super creative person, but I am going to be taking ceramics this coming semester, and also taking a language class, possibly, for Chinese.

If you would like to be added to the taglist list, please comment down below! I hope that you all have a fantastic day/night and I hope to see you around in the community!

@akiramarie13@infinitekiss@melissagaza@20robertknox18@changkyunie@cns1391 @arihanagrande

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