New Monsta X Support Group

Hey all, so we are starting a new support group for Monsta X here on Vingle. We will be doing introduction cards until Tuesday when we start a countdown for Hyungwon's birthday which will be followed the week after by a countdown for I.M's birthday.

Every day we will post about a different member. Each week will have a different theme as well.

@cns1391 - Shownu (Tuesdays)

@infinitekiss - I.M. (Saturdays)

@changkyunie - Jooheon (Fridays)

@akiramarie13 - Minhyuk (Wednesdays)

@Melissagaza - Kihyun (Thursdays)

@20robertknox18 - Hyungwon (Mondays)

@arihanagrande - Wonho (Sundays)

If you want to be added to the taglist let us know in the comments below!.

We are also going to be having a giveaway for Valentine's Day so stayed tuned for more on that.

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