Geology Equipment Gem Table Top Polariscope w/ CONOSCOPE/w gem clip Handbook Of The Polariscope 12 LED Ultraviolet flashlight with 5 piece fluorescent mineral collection Cold War era Civil Defense Radiation Detector-Meter 40mm Polarizer lens set camera telescope hobby science LCD Digital Vernier Caliper Micrometer Guage 150 mm 2MP USB Digital Microscope endoscope Magnifier 200X Pocket Diffraction Grating Spectroscope Gem Tool USA SPECTROSCOPE BOOK FROM 1882 on CD NEW Mini Portable Ultraviolet Lamp, 4 Watt -SW & LW - #UVSL-14P Mini METEORITE Scale 500/0.1g Pocket Digital Scale Jewelers Illuminated 20X High Led Lighted Powered Magnifying Light Loupe Jewelry NEW MASTER MAGNETIC 7044 2PK CERAMIC BLOCK MAGNETS High-Power Optical Glasses Educational 20X-40X Zoom Magnifier Microscope W LED 30 x 30mm glass Magnifier Jeweler Loupe LED Ultraviolet 7Kg x 1g Digital Kitchen Scale Diet Food Compact Kitchen Scale 15lb x 0.04oz 10x 35mm Handle Magnifier Magnifying Glass With LED Lamp Illuminated 8x 23mm Adjustable LED Magnifier with scale MAGNIFIER LOUPE LOOP Illuminated 8x 23mm Adjustable LED Magnifier with scale MAGNIFIER LOUPE LOOP 4 CD SET -THE ULTIMATE CRYSTAL MINERAL COLLECTION 800+ MINERALS Civil Defense Lionel CDV-700 Geiger Counter Radiation Meter E-Bay Elements Elemental Rhodium Metal 99.9% Pure .15 gram Elemental Uranium Metal 99.9% Pure .25 gram Elemental Platinum Nuggets / scrap / jewelry / display / rare / high purity 1.0 gram Elemental GOLD FLAKES ~24k ~ suspended in fluid in glass bottle ~ .1 gram Elemental Mercury Liquid Metal 13.2 grams Elemental Lead Metal Plate 22.3 grams Bromine Pure Element Elemental 20 grams 6ml 10 Grams Elemental Iodine Crystals ACS Grade (180812007136) Potassium Bromide, 98.5% 50 g. (270905141547) Salt Peter Potassium Nitrate Saltpetre- Gold Refining E-Bay Minerals, Rocks, & Fossils Very Rare Tunnelite Crystal Kramer District Boron Kern County California (120932358984)  +Realgar/Orpiment Silicon Polycrystal Specimen (320904318267) Phosphate Nodule from Lee Creek Aurora NC Phosphate Mine: P2O5 Rock (300728779861) Xenotime in matrix, Iveland, Norway (360466329537)  + Melanovanadite RARE NATIVE ANTIMONY FROM SOUTH AFRICA - 8 GRAMS - 1.2" (380400429238) NEOSPIRIFER - 4 specimens - Manhattan, Kansas (270996894488) HUGE GALENA CUBE GROWING ON ORANGE SPHALERITE GEMMY CRYSTALS SWEETWATER MINE Rare FULGURITE - Belgium, Wisconsin (280890977379) Chalcopyrite, Sweetwater Mine, Missouri (270984606320) Golden Chalcopyrite Crystal Cluster-Missouri (290719431810) Rare FULGURITE with attached pebble - Belgium, Wisconsin (270985218645) AMETHYST CRYSTALS - Mexico (270985214404) Rare Gilsonite Natural Asphalt Bonanza, Uintah Basin, Utah (120919750861) DICTYOCLOSTUS - 2 Specimens - Permian Age - Manhattan Kansas (280886544388) Silver Crown Psilomelane-Romanechite (261028838757) Selenite Crystal Cluster-South Dakota (261028831358) Talc-Rough-Teaching Aid- Fun Collectible-Smooth & Silky (251067085240) Collection of 11 Mineral Specimens From Canada - Various Localities (280885329573)   - DOLOMITE and CALCITE – CORUNDUM – CELESTITE – TALC – KYANITE – NATIVE       SILVER – FLUORITE CHALCOPYRITE – APATITE – ERYTHRITE and ANNABERGITE – HEMATITE BORNITE - Leonard Mine - Butte, Montana (270982305864) NATIVE SULFUR - Cody, Wyoming (280885312615) NATIVE SULFUR - Cody, Wyoming (280885307284) NATIVE SULFUR - Cody, Wyoming (270982287745) NATIVE SULFUR - Cody, Wyoming (270982281969) MINERALS : SILVERY COBALTITE FROM CANADA (350566415407) Collection of 7 Different Mineral Specimens - Ingersoll Mine - South Dakota (270979711941)   -TOURMALINE (3 specimens) – BERYL (4 specimens) – YELLOW LEPIDOLITE – PURPLE      LEPIDOLITE –GARNET SCHIST – MICROCLINE – (3 specimens) – MUSCOVITE MICA ILLINOIS MINERAL COLLECTION - 9 Specimens - Various Localities (270978683165)   -CHALCEDONY- KAOLINITE - QUARTZ - LIMONITE - DOLOMITE - GALENA-     SPHALERITE- FLUORITE- CALCITE TSCHERMIGITE (120914415447) BERZELIANITE (120914401261) MAGNETITE crystals on matrix (110877736215) Orpiment Crystals Gold Bar Mine Eureka County Nevada (120911600225) Pyrite after PYRRHOTITE crystals on Sphalerite with Calcite (110876409893) Mahogany Obsidian-Cut-Decorate-Knapp-Collect (261018919218) Thorite Super Active Specimen - Geiger Counter Test Source Uranium #10 (330727947535) DIAMOND RARE MINERAL MICROMOUNT FROM CONGO (221011366461) ANTIMONY RARE MINERAL MICROMOUNT FROM FINLANDIA (221010636035) XENOTIME RARE MINERAL MICROMOUNT FROM BRASILE (221010632147) 1 LG Cats Eye Chrysoberyl Healing Crystal Tumbled Stone Reiki Protection Wealth (160754326266) 1 LG Cats Eye Chrysoberyl Healing Crystal Tumbled Stone Reiki Protection Wealth (160754326266) Beryl Crystal (variation) Aquamarine, New Hampshire (110754293354) Satin Spar-Kansas-Nature's Fiber Optics (251048116625) Bertrandite Crystals Fine TN RGN, Brazil (160710944728) 4oz LOT Botryoidal Cassiterite Wood Tin 11 Specimens E (261010451673) 2 Pc. Tiffany Stone/Bertrandite Rough Parcel "AAA" Lapidary Cabs Old Stock! Utah NICE CASSITERITE CRYSTALS ON MATRIX FROM RUSSIA - 2.9" - (170794056146) Floar Cassiterite cluster with Mica *China (280869098387) BLUE AZURITE & GREEN MALACHITE CRYSTAL CLUSTER, 507 GRAMS... (320891970227) Millosevichite and Godovikovite from the Anna Mine, Germany- Rare mineral! (270961977041) Millosevichite and Godovikovite from The Anna Mine, Germany- Rare minerals! (270961970769) Selenium from The Anna Mine, Aalsdorf, Germany- Rare mineral! (270961963797) Natural RAINBOW Moonstone caboshon (220988121777) BLUE AZURITE & GREEN MALACHITE CRYSTAL CLUSTER, 323 GRAMS... (221004323037) Madagascar CELESTITE (380431625442) Microlite from Argentina (160771310786) GREAT Gold Ore, 2Lb+ #142 FUN box Sylvanite, Pyrites Tungsten (290702059535) 2.55" Baryte with Cerussite & Quartz Cluster Sparkling Crystal from Morocco (360451114723) 2.1" Blue Azurite Green Malachite Crystal Specimen, from Morocco (360451109553) ARSENIC * BOTRYOIDAL CRYSTALS WITH GALENA * PRIBRAM. CZECH REPUBLIC Silver Crystal Quincy Copper Mine Hancock Michigan minin... (261006316658) Silver / Copper Nugget Quincy Mine Hancock Michigan minin... (261006316659) Native Conglomerate Silver Tamarack Copper Mine Calumet M... (261004290502) GREAT 14 Sample Gold Ore, 2Lb+ #134 FUN box Sylvanite, Brecca, Pyrites (290701330909) TELLURITE DLL Moctezuma Mine, Moctezuma, Sonora, Mexico (360451827735) Rich Ore Specimen-Unobtainium/Avatar $20m Superconductor ... (310385067500) Rare Sakuraiite+Anilite Copper/Silver/Indium/Nickel/Gold/... (310369826658) ARSENIC RARE MINERAL MICROMOUNT FROM ITALY (221001525380) Lapis Rough Afghanistan 500+ carats 9 pcs Dark Lapis Blue 2" x 5/8" size & lower Selenite 4 pc Amethyst 2 pc & Rock Crystal 2pc Specimens ... (260985841708) GREENOCKITE DAV Eureka, Nevada (360444069668) YELLOW GREENOCKITE ON SPHALERITE MATRIX * VERY RARE !!! Zlaty Kopec, CZECH REP Madagascar CELESTITE (380429789111) Cryolite Natural Piece (160780283443) IODARGYRITE D95 Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia (360441965549) Rhodochrosite on Quartz & Sulfides Crystals Champion Mine Hinsdale Co, Colorado NWA 1110 Olivine Phyric Martian Meteorite 134mg (140738021855) NWA 3163 VERY Rare Granulitic Lunar Meteorite 124mg (140737614674) Colorful Peacock Coal-Rare Anthracite w/Rainbows! McAdoo PA-Iridescent,Chatoyant Olivine Forsterite Crystal Specimen NC 1-1/2" inch x 1-1/... (260999297579) Pyrite Cube 3/4"x3/4"x2/3" Chalcocite Ladysmith Wisconsin (251034555913) Cuprite var. Chalcotrichite Fine Minerals Hubei, China (160778294349) Chalcocite Flambeau Copper Mine Ladysmith Wisconsin mining wi wis (251034408659) Chalcocite Ladysmith Wisconsin (260997089836) CALCOPYRITE crystals on Quartz crystals (140734068435) * TISSINT, new fresh martian meteorite ! * (290696421215) Native Copper Quincy Mine Hancock Michigan mining mi houghton calumet mich 120.4CT 100% Natural Apatite Crystal Specimen Facet Rough YPT101 NWA 6581 Meteorite Part Slice LL-6 Low TKW! (251030210952) Tissint Shergottite Meteorite From Mars .007 Gram Four Great Pieces New Fall ! Biotite Mica Silver Crater Mine Canada 1 Single Specimen 2" - 3" inch x 2" inch (251010971566) Talc Olivine Specimen NC 2-1/4"" inch x 2" inch x 1-5/8" ... (251024761996)Biotite Mica Silver Crater Chalcopyrite Specimen Top Color Mexico 2-1/4" x 1-3/4" x 1-3/4" 7.2 oz blue/purp (260990834148) Chalcopyrite Specimen Top Color Mexico 2-3/4" x 2" x 1-1/4" 6.9 oz blue/purple (260990834147) Chalcopyrite Specimen Top Color Mexico 2-1/2" x 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" 5.8 oz blue/ 284 grams Rarest Ilmenite crystals Specimen lot of 5 from Zagi Mountains Pak Beautiful zircon from Peixe, Tocantins, Brazil (160770895625) Rutile epitaxial on hematite, Bahia, Brazil (360445420414) Rutile epitaxial on hematite, Bahia, Brazil (160770726069) LIME KILN CREEK RHODONITE SLAB, Lapidary, Gem, Mineral, R... (110852114630) 4.70CTS BIG GREY UNCUT UNTREATED NATURAL REAL ROUGH DIAMOND BEAD BERTRANDITE, TIFFANY STONE, Ice Cream Opalite, Lapidary Rock Specimen Jewelery 2 Hematite Cross Necklace 1 & 1/4"in x 3/4"in Cross on 17" ... (260980599363) Fossillized Marine Life Specimen Saline Co. MO 3" inch x 1-1/4" inch white/brown Kyanite in Quartz Specimen NC 2" inch x 1-1/2" inch x 1-1/4" inch light-med blue (260986860494) Bituminous Coal 2"inch x 2" inch Dollar Deal Specimen Special Buy 1 get 1 FREE Chromite Specimen Green Mtn. NC 2-3/4" inch x 1-3/4" inch x 1-1/8" inch 4.4 oz. Large 57 Carat Ruby Crystal Mysore District, Karnataka, India Rare Diamond Ore Kimberlite Sloan Mine State Line District Larimer Co Colorado Rare Fluorescent Hourglass Selenite Crazy Woman Creek Johnson County Wyoming Fenster Skeletal Quartz Crystal Double Terminated Taman, San Luis Potosi, Mexico Cobalto Calcite Crystals Congo, Africa (190656803731) BERTRANDITE, TIFFANY STONE, Ice Cream Opalite, Lapidary R... (110849459530) WOLFRAMITE w QUARTZ YAOGANGXIAN MINE HUNAN CHINA (230737522501) 320.6CT 100% Natural Apatite Crystal Specimen Facet Rough... (280847912042) PYROLUSITE - IMINI MINE, MOROCCO 14514 (400286507593) SPHALERITE - COMMODORE MINE, COLORADO 10569 (390146283464) fiber-optic Ulexite polished stone TV rock Boron CA (150780485835) Cuprite Chrysocolla - Yerrington Pit, Nevada Arkansas "Buckshot" Bauxite Specimen Massive Hematite Specimen Sulphur Specimen Rare species samarskite-(Y) from Colorado - 2.7 cm wide Rare species samarskite-(Y) from Colorado - 3 cm wide Rare species samarskite-(Y) from Colorado - 3 cm wide FERROCOLUMBITE DB1 Brazil ELEMENTS! NATIVE SILVER AND NICKEL ( NICCOLITE ) ! COBALT ONTARIO CANADA 1618 Gold Salt Petre (Peter) Powder 1 oz Witchcraft Hoo Doo Wicca Avicennite (Th2O3) Wiessbergite (TlSbS) Parapierrotite (Tl(Sb,As)5S8) Rare Minerals UT   -Avicennite: Greyish black with brownish black tint & Metallic Lustre;   -Wiessbergite: Steel-gray With Metallic Lustre;   -Parapierrotite: Black with Sub-Metallic Lustre 2 CENT TUESDAY - Sodalite Deep Blue 7.4 oz 2 CENT TUESDAY - Lepidolite Rich Purple 1 lb 4 oz Coprolite-Fossilized Dino Dung-Fun Rock! Peridot or Olivine in Basalt Matrix-August Birthstone-GREEN. Iron Pyrite-"Fools Gold"-Teaching Aid-Fun to Collect-Cubes of Silver & Gold Swirling Chalcedony Desert Rose-Arizona-Fluoresces Green Natural Chromite Rough Healing Stone Specimen 25.7 Stromatolite-Fossil Algae-Oldest Life Form-Great Design Borate Borax Crystals from Death Valley California Hematite Botryoidal Kidney Ore El Hamame Anti Atlas Mountains Morocco Lodestone-"Nature's Magnet" or "A Fuzzy Rock" - Magnetite COAL--Fossil Fuel-Teaching Aid-Lignite-ND Desert Rose-Orella, NE-Cluster - Chalcedony Horn Coral-Nebraska-2 PC-1 Polished-1 Rough TELLURIUM, PYRITE, FLUORITE C7I Mogollon dist., Catron Co., New Mexico   -Metallic masses to a few mm (upper left side reflections) with Pyrite and Fluorite. Rare Copper Silver "Half Breed" Quincy Stamp Mill Michigan Platinum Palladium Gold Ore J-M Plat Reef, Stillwater Mine, Nye, Montana 1/2 lbs. Specular Hematite Crystals, Negaunne, Michigan 10 Antique BAUXITE STONE AFRICAN TRADE BEADS Brick Red Tribal Collectible COOL RARE ANNABERGITE ON NICKELINE FROM CANADA - 3.2" prehistoric fish fossil from the Eocene age prehistoric fish fossil from the Eocene age (120864284716) Platinum Palladium Gold Ore J-M Plat Reef, Stillwater Mine, Nye, Montana 2 CENT TUESDAY - Geode Pieces 1 lb 15 oz 2 CENT TUESDAY- Quartz Crystals and Druzies 14.1 oz (130634456713) 2 CENT TUESDAY - Amethyst 12.3 oz (130634458997) 4 CENT FRIDAY - Nephrite or Serpentinite 7.4 oz (130635057934) 4 CENT FRIDAY - White Moonstone 6.5 oz (130635058147) 4 CENT FRIDAY - Coral Specimen 10.7 oz (130635058899) 2 CENT TUESDAY - Mahogany Obsidian Sm Pieces 1 lb (130637119525) Mariposite Piece 2 lb 2 oz (130641134872) Graphite on Matrix - Writes on Paper-Fun-Great Teaching Aide (250983174599) Natural Chromite Rough Stone Specimen 40.5 (160394932460) Chrysotile Asbestos Thetford, Quebec, Canada (120846137882) Platinum Palladium Gold Ore J-M Plat Reef, Stillwater Mine, Nye, Montana (120849417282) Sylvite Potassium Chloride & Halite Salt Crystals Carlsbad, New Mexico (190629543734) Stromatolite-Fossil Algae-Oldest Life Form-Sahara, Morocco (260942238406) Diamond in kimberlite, assembled sample for teaching (360430553080) NATIVE GOLD CRYSTALS - Superb Thumbnail - Olinghouse Mine, NEVADA Bladed Selenite Crystal Cluster-Collect-Decorate-Jet, OK Turitella Fossil Agate-12 Individual Shells (260941042849) "Old Classic" Acanthite Silver Ore Kingston NM USA B (370578944287) Coquina Stone-Earth Science or Am. History Teaching Aid-Decorative Bright Stibnite Cluster On Calcite Mineral Display Specimen! Salt Hoppers/Halite Hoppers - 2 EA (250978751417) Barite from the Gudurska Mine - Bulgaria (150744425613) Coprolite-Fossilized Dino Dung-Fun Rock!(260940108110) NANTAN IRON NICKEL METEORITE 43 grams (170767935235) Campo del Cielo METEORITE CORE/STABLE 74 gram (170767936226) 125 Gram Arizona Meteorite (170769620355) Talc-Rough-Teaching Aid- Fun Collectible-Smooth & Silky 1 LB LOT OF 2 INCH CALCITE CUBES FROM HUNAN CHINA CLEAR GREEN YELLOW 27g Shinning Cassiterite Crystal Clusters with Mica,Chinese Mineral-Cabinet 58g Shinning Cassiterite Crystal Clusters on Rock,Chinese Mineral-Cabinet Botryoidal URANINITE PITCHBLENDE Ohman Mine Colorado RARE! Large Cab. CYRTOLITE ZIRCON CRYSTALS RARE EARTH MINERAL South Platte District   -"Cyrtolite" is Zircon highly enriched in unusual rare earth elements- halfnium,        europium, gadolinium, etc. Excellent example of a crystallized REE mineral. THOROGUMMITE, THORITE RARE EARTH MINERAL So.Platte District Co.     -The dark red xls. may be Synchysite-(Y) as well. GADOLINITE-(Y), BASTNASITE RARE EARTH MINERAL WhiteCloud Pegmatite FLUORBRITHOLITE-(Ce), ALLANITE-(Ce) Jamestown CO RARE EARTH     -High-grade ore runs ~28% Ce, ~17% La, ~14% Nd, 2% Sm, 1.8% Gd, and is        LREE [light rare earth element] enriched. URANINITE PITCHBLENDE Ohman Mine Colorado RARE!     -Excellent Uranium/Thorium Ore 4pc Rare ATLANTISITE Lapidary Rough SERPENTINE & STICHTITE Feng Shui BERYL CRYSTAL with ALBITE - GILLETTE QUARRY, CONNECTICUT 14279 DAZZLING DIOPTASE micro CRYSTALS, Ex. Fred d’Esopo, Salome, La Paz Co., AZ GOOD colorless Aragonite crystals on basalt, Okains Bay, New ZEALAND RARE for NJ- CERUSSITE & MIMETITE micro crystals Ex. d’Esopo Franklin NJ GOOD CHRYSOCOLLA Copper, healing silicate and native element, Pinal Co. AZ JAMESONITE and PYRITE - LA NORIA MINE, MEXICO BIG 4 7/16 INCH MEGALODON FOSSIL SHARKS TEETH NATIVE SILVER on BORNITE - SAN MARTIN MINE, MEXICO 14211 SERRATED 4 3/4 INCH MEGALODON FOSSIL SHARKS TEETH LOT OF 2 NICE MEGALODON FOSSIL SHARKS TEETH Fluorescent Calcite on Celestine Crystals Clay Center, Ohio Shortwave Longwave Fluorescent Green Quartz Crystals Trancas Geode Chihuahua Mexico Vanadinite Crystals Lead Chlorovanadate with Barite Mibladen Morocco Fluorite Rogerley Rogerly Mine Weardale England Fluorescent Brightest Blue Molybdenite Slickenside Henderson Mine, Clear Creek County, Colorado Copper Silver "Halfbreed" Mass Mine Ontonagon County Michigan 5 Pieces of Silver Fossil Predacious Beetle Rancho La Brea Formation McKittrick Tar Pit Cal. **Rare*California Gem Corundum Var. RUBY Fluorescent Mineral Specimen     -SW UV displays yellow scattered about the matrix from Titanite (Sphene). Fantastic SODALITE, CANCRINITE,NEPHELINE,BIOTITE Specimen-Can. Staurolite "Fairy Cross" Crystals West Keivy Kola Peninsula Russia Unusual Multiple-Stage Crystal Growth Quartz Liliana Mine, Chihuahua, Mexico Native Mercury Almaden Mine, Almaden Ciudad Real, Castile-La Mancha, Sp. Fluorescent WILLEMITE w/FRANKLINITE&ZINCITE gneiss ore, Franklin NJ FRANKLINITE, ZINCITE w/ Fluorescent&SuperPhos WILLEMITE, St.Hill NJ Fluorescent WILLEMITE in fluorescent CALCITE, Sterling Hill NJ Fantastic Fluorescent WILLEMITE with HENDRICKSITE, ANDRADITE-F.,NJ Fluorescent exsolution WILLEMITE with CALCITE and FRANKLINITE, Brilliant Fluorescent WILLEMITE in CALCITE, Sterling Mine, Sterling Hill NJ Fluorescent exsolution WILLEMITE in TEPHROITE, Sterling Hill NJ Orange ZINCITE with Fluorescent & SuperPhos WILLEMITE, Sterling Hill NJ Fluorescent & Phosphorescent WILLEMITE with ZINCITE & FRANKLINITE Bright SW & LW fluorescent WILLEMITE in CALCITE, Franklin NJ Fluorescent CALCITE with MAGNETITE, Franklin NJ DIOPSIDE with fluorescent WILLEMITE and HARDYSTONITE, Franklin NJ ANDRADITE in fluorescent CALCITE, with Fluorapatite, Franklin NJ Fluorescent CALCITE with ANDRADITE and FRANKLINITE, Franklin NJ GOOD Yellow Mimetite micro xls, Wulfenite xls, PHOSPHORESCENT matrix 2 CENT TUESDAY - Stromatolite from Wyoming- 1+ lb. 2 CENT TUESDAY - Rose quartz tumblers- 1 lb 1 oz 2 CENT TUESDAY - Mostly black obsidian 13 oz 4 CENT FRIDAY - Brecciated jasp-agate material 1 lb1oz 4 CENT FRIDAY - Wy turritella & stromatolite combo 13oz 4 CENT FRIDAY - Mary Ellen jasper 7 oz 4 CENT FRIDAY - Agate piece with mossy areas 10.6 oz 4 CENT FRIDAY-Thunder Bay amethyst conglomerate 1 lb3oz 4 CENT FRIDAY - Agatized bog rough 1 lb 4 CENT FRIDAY - Unakite, I think 5.4 oz 4 CENT FRIDAY - Turritella agate pieces 1 lb 4 oz 4 CENT FRIDAY - McDermitt Picture Jasper 15 oz 2 cent Tuesday - Petoskey Stones 13.3 oz 2 cent Tuesday - Dendritic jasper piece 5.8 oz 2 cent Tuesday - Copper mineral piece 5.7 oz 2 cent Tuesday - Wonderstone pieces 1 lb 12 oz 2 cent Tuesday - Angelite nodule 1 lb 1 oz 4 cent Friday - Coconut geode half 8.6 oz 4 cent Friday - Multi color fluorite lot 15.3 oz HIGH GRADE native GOLD in ORE sample nugget; Kettle River Mining Co.; 1. (largest rock in box) 2. (eBay rock marked 'K'(?) Au in Quartz-Calcite-Epidote-Fe/Cu Sulfides Kettle River Gold Mining Co. (Spokane. WA), Main Level Drift; specimen mined 1936-37 Orient Mining District, Stephens Co., WA 3. and 4. (both/each marked 'B' or 'BM' (I forget which.) Au/Au-bearing complex tellurides/sulfides in 'grossularite-diopside skarn' Kinross Mining Company (Republic, WA)Buckhorn Mountain Mine (Crown Jewel Project) Southwest Ore Zone ('SWOZ'), 'SWZ' Orebody; specimen mined 2009 __________Mining District, Ferry Co., WA 5. core drill fragment - disseminated Au, Au-bearing FeS in granodiorite, 'Garnet Stock' (granitic pluton) rock drilled 2009. Grant-Hartford Corp. Nancy Hanks Mine, Garnet Mining District, Missoula Co., MT 6. small piece w/note 'Green Mtn Mine' PGE's & PGM's, Cu, Au in Fe-Cu sulfides/oxides/carbonates Green Mountain Mining Co. (Missoula, MT), Green Mountain Mine (Dixon Claim) Stoped from winze to #2 level(?) 1948-49, Revais Creek Mining District Sanders Co., Montana Fossil Algae Stromatolite (Name: Collenia Endosa) MOLYBDENITE CRYSTALS ON QUARTZ FROM RARE LOCALITY !!! 212 gram METEORITE w AWESOME LIP AND FLOW LINES MOROCCO Superb MOLYBDENITE Crystal Clusters On QUARTZ matrix AUSTRALIA Dactylioceras sp. Jurassic Dinosaur Age Genuine Whitby Ammonite Fossil 75 Dactylioceras sp. Jurassic Dinosaur Age Genuine Whitby Ammonite Fossil 76 RARE PURPLE FLUORITE CRYSTAL PYRAMID HEALING -76g 4 Pc ROUGH CHRYSOCOLLA SEMIPRECIOUS STONE FROM PERU TURQUOISE SEMIPRECIOUS STONE STONE CRYSTAL HEALING ARAGONITE STONE CARVED AS PYRAMID CALCITE STONE POLISHED AND CARVED AS ELEPHANT CRYSTAL HEALING STROMATOLITE CARVED AS PYRAMID OUTSTANDING SHIMMERY GLIMMERY BLACK GALENA MINERAL PRE CAMBRIAN STROMATOLITE. FOSSILS PLANTS. FIRST LIFE WHOLESALE LOT OF 2 SPHERES labradorite SPHERE CRYSTAL Bolivian Stromatolite Jasper rough slab/BIG&BEAUTIFUL!!/166grWHOLESALE LOT OF 2 BIG SPHERES LABRADORITE SPHERE 5 INCHES AROUND PRETTTTYYYY 3" Green EPIDOTE Crystals Cluster - Madagascar Twinned PYRITE CUBE Crystals Cluster - Navajun, Spain Twinned PYRITE CUBE Crystals Cluster - Navajun, Spain Bornite-Shiny like gold and copper-Like "fools gold" Druzy Quartz on Limestone-Missouri-ALL GLITTER Celestite Geode-Wymore, NE-Light Blue Crystals Petrified Wood-Gallatin River-Montana-Tumbled Stromatolite-Fossil Algae-Oldest Life Form-4.75 oz. and 2 x 1.75 x 1,5". Amazonite Crystal Cluster Formation - Colorado Bladed Selenite Crystals-Jet, OK HUGE WATER FILLED AGATE GEODE ENHYDRO XLarge    ~easy 2 see MOVING ANCIENT WATER BUBBLE XLONG BLACK PETRIFIED WOOD LIMB Tree crystal BRANCH WAND Large Afghanistan Clear Quartz Crystal Point - 96 mm (79.6 g) Double Terminated Afghanistan Clear Quartz Crystal Point - 56mm (15.6 g) Mososaur Jaw (reconstructed) Approx 6 in Fossil Ancient Stromatolite from Taouz, Morocco 12 LED Ultraviolet flashlight with 5 piece fluorescent mineral collection: NC ruby fluoresces a brilliant crimson.. Autunite from Washington gives a brilliant blue-green, Dominican amber is a bright yellow. Mexican opal glows red. Mexican agate that has some nice red & white under the light Celestite Geode-Wymore, NE-Light Blue Crystals KILLER INDICOLITE TOURMALINE 64CT/13GR/1IN/.75IN/.75IN nice bicolor TOURMALINE crystal afghanistan 4 cts.!!! OCTAHEDRAL GALENA MINERALS CRYSTALS GEMS-SCB MODIFIED PYRITE PERU MINERALS CRYSTALS GEMS-MIN GALENA DOLOMITE CHALCOPYRITE CRYSTALS GEMS-MIN NANTAN METEORITE (1516) FROM SPACE FOUND IN CHINA 1958 IRON METEORITE SIKHOTE-ALIN FROM EASTERN RUSSIA CHONDRITE Moroccan Stony METEORITE 15 grams Nice lot of Leaf Fossils from Bonanza, Utah BACULITE Fossil BEAUTIFUL SHELL 65 Million Years Old Lot of MEGALODON TOOTH Fossils BONE VALLEY 25 Mil Y.O. Dinosaur (Unknown type) VERTEBRAE Fossils Articulating Oreodont culbertsoni Skull Fossil 30 Million Years Old Kunzite Crystal from Afghanistan -- 226 Carat Native Silver in Skutterudite with Erythrite Slab Cobalt, Ontario, Canada Skutterudite Crystal Cobalt Arsenide Bou Azzer Morocco Fossil Orthoceras Silurian 395-430 MYA Sahara Desert, Morocco PTERODACTYL HEAD flying reptile fossil DINOSAUR Fossil Oligocene Oreodont "Merycoidodon" Cranium - skull - White River Arizona Rainbow Petrified Wood-Bright Colors & Sunfade Arizona Rainbow Petrified Wood-Fountain Rock-Crystal Pocket + Color Mexican Coconut-Large Crystals Inside - GEODE Selenite-"Garden Shine"-Display Crystal-Collectable Mica-Sheet-"Rock Glitz"Teaching Aide-Vintage Decorations Desert Rose-Orella, NE-Double Sodalite-a "blue rock" for you Pumice'"The Floating Rock"-Teaching Aid-Igneous FOSSIL UK Carboniferous conifer plant Cordaianthus stem Meteorite B5-1864 - 7.80g Chondrite Meteorite Meteorite B5-1863 - 9.10g Chondrite Meteorite Meteorite B5-1862 - 7.75g Chondrite Meteorite Meteorite B5-1861 - 8.28g Chondrite Meteorite Stromatolite-Fossil Algae-Oldest Life Form-7 oz. and 3.5 x 2 x 1" 1.25" A+ BLACK TOURMALINE NATURAL ROUGH CRYSTAL 8 ROUGH EMERALD .5"-.75" CRYSTAL GEMSTONE MINERALS 16 NATURAL ROUGH PERIDOT CRYSTAL MINERAL PIECES 1.3" OWYHEE BLUE OPAL CRYSTAL MINERAL OREGON 21 GRAMS 1.2" A+ BLACK TOURMALINE NATURAL ROUGH CRYSTAL 3" RARE NATURAL FULGURITE PETRIFIED LIGHTNING FUSED SAND PILLAR SEDONA 62.3grams 1.2" NATURAL ROUGH GOLD TIGER EYE / TIGEREYE RAW Crystal3" 1.2" NATURAL ROUGH APACHE TEAR BLACK OBSIDIAN CRYSTAL 8 3/8 in FOSSIL BONE 7 Million Year Old Horse Leg Bone 8.1 ct. 2Pcs. Natural Mined Ruby Red&Pink Hexagon Rough ATTRACTIVE NEUROPTERIS IN A NODULE - Fern Fossil 6.9 ct. Natural Mined Rough Ruby Mozambique 35.60ct 2pcs NATURAL RED RUBY ROUGH 30.35ct NATURAL GREEN FLUORITE ROUGH SPECIMEN Moissanite SILICON CARBIDE (Poland) A+ Quality 90mm/56gms [TB555] 15.7Ct 13*18mm 100% Brazilian Golden Rutilated Quartz SGR152 4.5CT Ethiopian Polished Fire Opal Rough YOL105Sell one like this 5.1CT Ethiopian Amazing Rainbow Rough Fire Opal YOP1445 4.5CT Ethiopian Amazing Rainbow Rough Fire Opal YOP1442 14.20ct NATURAL WHITE FIRE OPAL ROUGH SPECIMEN best Triassic Keichousaurus real reptile Fossil NATIVE IRON RARE SIBERIA RUSSIA MINERAL CRYSTALS -THN YELLOW OPTICAL CALCITE MEXICO MINERAL CRYSTAL -MIN URANINITE (PITCHBLENDE}, #110910-01 1.91Ct LIGHTNING RIDGE MULTI COLOR PLAY AUSTRALIA OPAL NATURAL 2.50Ct. GREEN YELLOW RAW ROUGH DIAMOND Kumbaba Jasper Slab-Stromatolite-Eye Orbs-7.3 oz /5-1/4"X4-1/8"X1/4" Stromatolite-Fossil Algae-Oldest Life Form-Great Design  12.75 oz.  Large Piece is 3" x 2" x 2" deep &  The slice is about 2.75" x 1.25" x .5". FOSSIL MOSASAUR VERTEBRA , Taylor Cretaceous, TX. #Vt14 1/2" Inclusion Copal Ambre-Insecte fossil Kopal Amber insect Madagscar 100% Natural Rough Raw Yellow Diamond Cube Specimen #12 100% Natural Rough Raw Uncut Lapis Lazuli 33.60g #5 Golden Stalagmite Florida Specimen BISMUTHINITE crystal specimen,perfect flower crystal NATIVE MERCURY - Globules on Matrix - Almaden, SPAIN 3 3/4 INCH GOOD MEGALODON FOSSIL SHARKS TEETH Petrified Wood, Utah, 204gr, 70 x 58x 35mm, fossil, gem stone Petrified Wood, Utah, 310gr, 90 x 55 x 45mm, fossil, gem stone Petrified Wood, Utah, 562gr, 185 x 70 x 30mm, fossil, gem stone NATIVE BISMUTH IN QUARTZ * RARE !!! Krupka - Czech Republic 3mm Bubble Water Enhydro Quartz Point Rare Earth Mineral Euxenite Uranium Ore Platt Pegmatite Mine Monazite Rare Earth Mineral Thorium Ore Platt Pegmatite Mine Carnotite Uranium Ore Retribution Claim San Miguel County Colorado 2-3/8" Native Keweenaw Michigan Copper Nugget Mineral Specimen Gem 1-7/8" Pure Native Michigan Copper Nugget Mineral Specimen Uranocircite - Type Locality - Bergen, Saxony, GERMANY Tiemannite - Mercury Selenide - Harz Mountains, GERMANY Painite Crystal - Type Locality - Mogok, BURMA Herbertsmithite, GORDAITE - San Francisco Mine, CHILE 30 mm Natural Lapis Lazuli Round Pendant Bead D69947 LAPIS LAZULI LARGE Healing Tumbled Crystal Stone j57927 Two ammonite fossil piece s67278 Ammonite fossil piece 2mm Bubble Water Enhydro Crystal Point-eqsc9ie0818 Platinum Palladium Gold Ore, Stillwater Mine, Montana Smaltite a Cobalt Iron Nickel Arsenide Cobalt, Canada Extra Strong Lodestone Natural Magnet Wyoming Cinnabar Mercury in Opalite N. Battle Mountain Nevada Quality Iridescent Labradorite Specimen-laf11iz332 Rough Emerald Crystal Specimen-A2417 Beautiful Bismuth Iridescent Hopper Crystal Germany Platinum Palladium Gold Ore Stillwater Mine Montana RICH GOLD ORE 2 LB LOT BLOWOUT SILVER PLATINUM DJ Mineral's Rock, Mineral & Fossil Kits 77 SPECIMEN STANDARD MINERAL KIT 1. native copper              21. hematite, massive 2. sulfur                           22. hematite, specular 3. graphite                         23. psilomelane (Romanechite) 4. chalcocite                        24. pyrolusite 5. bornite                             25. limonite 6. galena                            26. goethite 7. sphalerite                         27. bauxite 8. chalcopyrite                     28. halite 9. pyrrhotite                         29. fluorite, massive 10. cinnabar                              30. fluorite, cleavable 11. marcasite                            31. calcite, massive 12. stibnite                                32. calcite, cleavable 13. pyrite, massive                   33. siderite 14. pyrite, crystalline               34. rhodochrosite 15. arsenopyrite                      35. dolomite, massive 16. molybdenite                      36. dolomite, cleavable 17. cuprite                              37. malachite 18. magnetite                          38. azurite 19. chromite                           39. barite 20. corundum                        40. gypsum, alabaster 41. gypsum, selenite               61. muscovite 42. gypsum, satin spar           62. biotite 43. scheelite                            63. tremolite, actinolite 44.apatite                                64. hornblende 45. quartz, massive                 65. diopside 46. quartz, crystal                  66. augite 47. quartz, amethyst              67. wollastonite 48. quartz, smoky                   68. rhodonite 49. quartz, rose                       69. beryl 50. chalcedony                        70. tourmaline, schorl 51. opal                                    71. epidote 52. K) feldspar, microcline      72. olivine 53. amazonite                           73. chrysocolla 54. anorthite                             74. kyanite 55. plagioclase feldspar, albite  75. topaz 56. zeolite                                   76. garnet, massive 57. kaolinite                                77. garnet, crystal 58. talc 59. chlorite 60. vermiculite 77 SPECIMEN ADVANCED MINERAL KIT 1. antimony                    38. anhydrite 2. gold                    39. crocoite 3. silver                    40. wulfenite 4. galena, cube                41. alunite 5. sphalerite                42. vanadinite 6. pyrrhotite                43. amblygonite 7. covellite                       44. willemite 8. digenite                    45. garnet, spessartine 9.orpiment/realgar              46. topaz crystal 10. stibnite,crystalline               47. staurolite 11. pyrite, pyritohedron               48. sphene 12. marcasite, crystalline               49. hemimorphite 13. cobaltite                      50. epidote 14. tetrahedrite                       51. axinite 15. magnetite,lodestone           52. beryl 16. zincite                       53. tourmaline 17. corundum crystal               54. diopside 18. sapphire                55. hedenbergite 19. magnetite/Ilmenite              56. augite crystal 20. pyrolusite                       57. spodumene 21. spinel                             58. bronzite 22. rutile                        59. anthophyllite 23. brucite                      60. glaucophane 24. psilomelane, romanechite       61. fluorichterite 25. goethite                       62. chrysotile 26. sylvite                    63. phlogopite 27. fluorite, octahedron            64. lepidolite 28. magnesite                   65. glauconite 29. smithsonite                66. quartz, 2x terminated crystal 30. dolomite                    67. cristobalite 31. aragonite                68. rose quartz 32. cerussite                    69. orthoclase crystal 33. malachite                70. tripolite/diatomite 34. kernite                    71. amazonite 35. ulexite - "TV Rock"            72. labradorite 36. barite crystal                       73. nepheline 37. celestite                    74. sodalite 38. anhydrite                    75. analcime 39. crocoite                    76. chabazite 40. wulfenite                         77. stilbite 54 SPECIMEN STANDARD ROCK KIT 1. granite—fine gr.         28. quartz sandstone 2. granite—coarse gr.    29. arkose 3. welded tuff                30. greywacke 4. rhyolite                      31. conglomerate 5. rhyolite porphyry       32. breccia 6. syenite                      33. limestone 7. trachyte                    34. limestone, fossil 8. phonolite                  35. chert 9. basalt                       36. diatomite 10. basalt porphyry      37. claystone 11. granodiorite           38. coal, bituminous 12. diorite                   39. coal, anthracite 13. andesite                40. travertine 14. gabbro                  41. silicified wood 15. anorthosite            42. slate 16. diabase                 43. phyllite 17. peridotite              44. eclogite 18. pegmatite              45. chlorite schist 19. aplite                    46. garnet schist 20. obsidian               47. mica schist 21. scoria                  48. amphibolite 22. pumice                49. gneiss 23. serpentinite         50. quartzite 24. shale                   51. marble 25. fossil shale          52. skarn 26. siltstone              53. hornfels 27. sandstone           54. mylonite 35 SPECIMEN ADVANCED FOSSIL KIT: Includes 35 numbered specimens of better quality, Designed to show a greater diversity in the fossil groups for the advanced high school and college level. Fossil examples include: 1) foraminifera, 2) sponge, 3) coral, 4) bryozoan, 5) brachiopod, 6) trilobite, 7) blastoid, 8) crindoid stem, 9) echinoid test, 10) gastropod, 11) gastropod cast, 12) pelecypod, 13) ammonite, 14) graptolite, 15) shark tooth, 16) algae, 17) dinosaur bone, 18) fern leaf, 19) tree leaf, 20) petrified wood, 21) fish, 22) insect, 23) mammal tooth, and 24) coprolite. INDIVIDUAL SPECIMENS: Minerals, Meteorites, Fossils: Zircon - Single terminated crystal  -1/4" Hackmanite - Fluorescent, in syenite with possible sodalite 1-1/2" METEORITE: Henbury, Northern Territory, Australia. Nickel-iron meteorite.  Medium-octahedrite.  Fall occurred about 5,000 years ago.  Natural fragment 3/4", mounted in a plastic box with label. TEKTITE: Indochinite:  Kon-Kai District, Thailand.  Complete shape 1/2" BELEMNITE: Upper Cretaceous, Navesink Fm., Marlboro, New Jersey. Belemnitella americana  2" - Excellent preservation. Complete "cigar-shape." MAMMAL: Merycoidodon sp. (oreodont, common). Sections of jaw with two or more teeth.   2" FOSSIL INSECTS: Pleistocene, La Brea Fm., California. Gyrinus sp. (beetle 1/3") Excellent detail, beetles, preserved in asphalt matrix. Professioanal Rock Collection 924 Minerals - 1 1/4" Specimens     Tray 1 Antigorite Olivine Blue Calcite Barite Milky quartz laiteux Kyanite Halite Rose Calcite Amazonite Sodalite Wurtzite Selenite Smoky qu    artz fumé Cassiterite Tourmaline Vesuvianite Serpentine Sphalerite Onyx Gumucionite Monticellite Magnesite Orange calcite Nacrite Muscovite Agate Soapstone Savon Lignite Nemalite Orthoclase Covellite Sunstone Pierre Talc Spinel Malachite Garnet Chlorite Almandine Rose quartz Loess Marcassite Anatexite Lilac calcite Lanark, ont Garnierite Cordierite Anatase Optical Calcite Sanidine Zincite Silver mica argenté Aragonite Graphite Microcline Aegerine Ankerite Edenite Jadeite Tremolite Jade Peridot Antophyllite Dolomite Chrysoprase Ludwigite Rutile Ullmanite Hyalophane Marialite Pyrophyllite Petrified wood Calcite/mica Coltan Crocidolite Ochre Sandstone Oligoclase Artinite Uvarovite Fuchsite Strontianite Gaspeite Zoisite Bornite Saponite Granodiorite Beryl Spessartite Smaragdite Epidote Wollastonite Clevelandite Peristerite Ruby Moonstone Pierre Red Tuff rouge Emerald Rock Phlogopite Diatomite Spodumene Perthite Specularite Olivenite Black Shale Johannsenite Sugar Pyrite Sucre Blue scapolite Eskimo Stone Andradite Pyromorphite Brucite Tirodite Cerussite Amphibole Chromite Molybdenite Tarbutite Hexagonite Pyrite Diopside Staurolite Guano Nephrite Lava (e) Laminite Conichalcite Pyrrhotite Lepidolite Moldavite Larvikite Diorite Graphic Granit(e) Salmon calcite saumon Lanark, ont Siderite Cancrinite Ilmenite Clinohumite Angelite Tochilinite Millerite Pinite Kornerupine Nickeline Erythrite Celestite Sulfur Soufre Travertine Fluorite Bronzite Apatite Nepheline Chalcosite Wonderstone Brochantite Riebeckite  Tray 2 Carbonatite Zinnwaldite Augen Gneiss Latrappite Golden Pyrite Chlorite/pyrite Lizardite Columbite Common Serpen-Tine Sylvanite Ijolite Posnjakite Verdelite Chloritoid Garnet Gneiss Phonolite Migmatite Pyrite schist Willemite Wilsonite Leucogabbro Larimar Green Mica Stone Pyroxenite Pegmatite Peridotite Anglesite Pargasite Galena Chrysotile Asbestos, qc Terrazo Gehlenite Danaite Titanite Gahnite Rapaviki granite Italy Cacoxenite Mellilite Aventurine Serpentine actinolite Ophiolitic Gabbro Zincocalcite Pantellerite Serpentine/smaragdite Staurolite schist Goshenite Green Quartz Sea Mist Mica Microgranite Kunzite Grammatite Hornblende schist Slate Albite Sunrise Mica Bastnaesite Forsterite Pink orthoquartzite Vermiculite Giobertite Anorthoclase Garnet Marble Barite/mica Quartz Native Copper Native Silver Wolf tooth calcite Hypersthene Cerussite Xtl Actinolite Marble Quartzite Green Jasper Breccia jasper Periclase Blue obsidian Burgundy Slate Granite Barytine Chalcopyrite Micaschist Minium Rock salt Tourmaline Schist Diopside/pyrite Halleflinta Hedenbergite Serpentinite Red Feldspar Mountain Leather Retgersite Bytownite Kyanite Schist Breunerite Blue Marble Native Gold Arkose Volcanic Tuff Stannite Sericite Nuumite Compact Limestone Calcite Chloroapatite Chalk Ferberite Meionite Neptunite Fossiliferous limestone Steatite Ilmenite Gabbro Gypsum Akermanite Anthracite Acmite Brookite Hexahydrite Biotite granite Diabase Ophicalcite Limonitic Limestone Magnetite Thulite Tetrahedrite Hornblende granite Clinopyroxene Sperrylite Alabaster Asbestos Mica biotite Plaglioclase Thompsonite Banded Rhyolite Samarskite Amphibolite Phyllite Flos Ferri Ulexite - "TV Rock" Oolitic limestone Hemimorphite Tonalite Graywacke Alurgite Rhodonite Phillipsite Calamite Franklinite Dolostone Hydrotalcite Hematite Anorthosite Grossular Arsenopyrite Tephrite Granite Tile Adamite    Tray 3 Enstatite Crystalline Limestone Coffinite Nepheline Syenite Troctolite Basalt Green Slate Lőllingite Wollastonite Schist Epidiorite Variscite Tantalite Norbergite Graphite/schist Agrelite Chondrodite Pyrolusite Kimberlite Atacamite Rhodocrosite Muscovite Sheet Allanite Batholite Clay Glaucophane Arfedsonite Idocrase Tennantite Sövite Conglomerate Dunite Niocalite Microcline Gypsum/pyrite Pectolite Manganocalcite Citrine Grunerite Jordanite Pyrrhotite Black Steatite Richterite Charnokite Penninite Pyrope Silicia Marble Volcanic bomb Gold/copper Biotite Gneiss Pyrochlore Calcitic Marble Quartz/Fuchsite Delvauxite Hessonite Slate/Pyrite Cinnabar Marl Embrechite Prehnite Mesitine Fassaite Mussite Brucite/serpentine Nicholsonite Anhydrite Amblygonite Beudantite Catapleite Seven Spring Onyx Hydromagnesite Marmatite Verdite Petalite Diorite Porphyry Dumortierite Geikilite Carpholite Chabazite Coral Howlite Peanut wood Cipolin Pyroxene crystal Serpentine/magnetite Dravite Desert Rock Anorthite Mylonite Pulaskite Babingtonite River rock Chlorite marble Crocidolite schist Petzite Galena/pyrite Banded dolomite Black Pumice Djurleite Blue green Calcite Girasol Green calcite Calcite/Apatite Mudstone Ferrosillite Clausthalite Granite gneiss Antigorite schist Roscoleite Quartz/pyrite Asbestos Fibers Alaskite Hackmanite Trachyte Hydrozincite Calciphyre Glauberite Rainbow slate Yellow calcite Hemimorphite Granulite Demantoid Websterite Tremolite Pyrite phyllite Glauconite Sedona stone Black granite Brucite/augite Hornblende Bauxite Shungite Granular gneiss Okaïte Amphibole/calcite Fossil Coral Zaratite Eudialyte Bowenite Blue quartzite Iron rock Devillite Aglomerate marble Sericite slate Obsidian Langite Amethyst Anhydrite/uvarovite Chamosite Zinkenite Altaite Krennerite Albite/alurgite Bituminous Coal Cyprite     Tray 4 Arenite Microdiorite Sericite Schist Polybasite Tourmaline/pegmatite Tufa Retinalite Epidote marble Biotite Brenda Jasper Pink feldspar Pyroxene/lamprophyre Burro creek Agate Enargite Kammererite Hornblendite Champagne Agate Feldspar pegmatite Lithic Tuff Sylvite Calcite/olivine Stilpnomelane Perovskite Bavenite Brucite/cancrinite Crystalline quartz Thenardite Titanaugite Bournonite Graftonite Green Talc Olivine gabbro Greenstone Bolivianite Redruhite Noble serpentine Rose Talc Berthierite Tarnowitzite Red calcite Digenite Morion Steatite/pyrite Schorlite Monzonite Grossularite Kaolinite Folded schist Rosasite Iron Quartz Blue limestone Wernerite Massive amphibole Melanterite Sphene/graphite Williamsite Chert Fergussonite Gyrolite Adamellite Black Tuff Quartz/albite Fluorite Skarn Alnoite Pecoraite Monzodiorite Clinozoisite Augite syenite Granular talc Cabrerite Picrolite Aquila marble Tripolite Flint Serpentine marble Orthopyroxene Rose granite Tenorite Gersdorffite Allophane Smectite Garnet granite Red quartz Wolframite Green Marble Feldspar/apatite Quartz/pyrrhotite Paesine Blue quartz Plaglioclase/hornblende Essexite Pagoda Slate Purpurite Serpentine Schist Nemalite schist Black soapstone Plaglioclase/pyroxene Iolite Yellow Marble Sphalerite Massive Graphite Pyrophanite Chromite/pyrite Sismondite Slate/pyrrhotite Quenstedtite Kieserite Amber mica Paragonite Rauhaugite Island spar Actinolite Schist Chlorite/alurgite Orthogneiss Allemontite Byssolite Leopard/ serpentine Orthoquartzite Pleonast Scapolite Porcelanite Septaria Augite Albite schist Chlorite/mica Jarosite Foyaïte Pistacite Anhydrite/roscoelite Hessite Alurgite schist Calcite/spinel Dolerite Purple Fluorite Marble Peach calcite Bustamite Hydrocerussite Manganophyllite Nickel flower Melanite Chlorophane Marble Mica Pegmatite Granite pegmatite Serpentinite Breccia Dolomite/alurgite Amphibole/pyrite Ramsdellite Mixed Fluorite Marble Golden Slate Arsenopyrite Xtl Gittinsite Limestone Tuff Calcite/muscovite     Tray 5 Calcite/fluorite Serpentine/peridtite Cristobalite Travertine Marble Turquoise Mordenite Brucite/carbonatite Jacupirangite Talc/mica Orange calcite Pietersite Aragonite (green) Chloritoschist Yellow Granite Cryolite Tugtupite Red Anhydrite Lujavrite Pyroxene/pyrite Brochantite schist Codazite Silver tremolite Ferrohornblende Troutstone Naujakasite Quartz Xtl Astrophyllite Violane Lomonosovite Chloromelanite Fayalite Kakortokite Green apatite Pyrite Cube Chromspinel Quartz/Graphite Zinwaldite/arsenopyrite Chrysocolla Volcanic Scoria Mizzonite Amber agate Aplite Quartz/Dunite Dichroïte Lorenzenite Ophite Clinopyroxene xtl Anilite Arsenopyrite/tetrahedrite Calcite Crystal Argillite Tephroite Aliettite Clay (blue) Pigeonite Hydrophane Dolomitic marble Copper slate Xenolith Clinochlore Coquina Wilsonite/Pyrite Hauyne Metaquartzite Pyrrhotite/fuchsite Greenlandite Dyerite Calcite/epidote Dolomite/Wolframite Picotite Eclogite Alurgite/serpentine Stibine Diopside marble Calamin Carnellite Pyrargirite Green Steatite Egerane Emerald Apatite Alunite Calaverite Madocite Oligiste Sepiolite Omphacite Serpentine (black) Pyroxene/diopside Microcline/pyrite Golden wood Cummintonite Hickoryite Talcoschist Calcite Schist Corundum Chrysolite Cacholong Quartz/olivine Antimonite Plasma Vilionite Amethyst lace Heliotrope Slate schist Brucite Pegmatite Tillite Andradite/wollastonite Dolomite/pyrite Feldspar syenite Lehm Pyroaurite Vlasovite Alabandite Brannerite Eisenkiesel Paragneiss Borax Cerussite schist Lepidomelane Goethite Almandine granite Cipolin/Pyrite Ferroactinolite Coal Kainite Eskimo Stone Limonite Margarite Red Copper Zoisite marble Actinolite/Pyrite Amphibolite/plaglioclase Zoisite Schist Porthyrite Magnetite/pyrite Rose Marble Pudding Stone Gold/quartz Grit Olivine marble Ferrierite Albite/lithium Calcite/diopside Eldarite Marcassite/pyrite Illite Copiatite Norite Umangite Orthoclase schist Pyroxene/rutile Pyroxmangite Barite/arsenopyrite Skutterudite  Tray 6 Boji Quartz/anglesite Foliated Serpentine Sillimanite Ramsayite Ilmenite Jasper Amber Siltstone Wakefieldite Hematite/actinolite Melanterite Sjőgrenite Plaglioclase/Garnet Labradorite Serpentine/graphite Granulated Feldspar Fraipontite Pisolite Riebeckite Granite Jamesonite Molybdite Hercynite Snowflake Jasper Orthite Axinite Pumpellyite Barite/pyrite Pink Opal Leuchtenbergite Seladonite Moss agate Cairngorm Graphite/pyrite Morganite Emerald Brucite Gray Scapolite Tremolite schist Hematite glass Azeztulite Calamite Dolomite/garnet Water saphyre Pentlandite Onofrite Arsenopyrite/epidote Christophite Crazy Lace Mispickel Barytocalcite Ottrelite Mother of the sea Ussingite Californite Orthoclase Granite Orange Aventurine Peat Moss Zinnwaldite Uvite Red jasper Rose Marble Quartz schist Humite Actinolite/ Xtl Meinikovite Martite White Tuff Dalmatian Diorite Tapiolite Blue glass opal Moqui Australian Glass Opal Dolomite Xtl Valleriite Ankaramite Tiger jasper Pyrrhotite schist Strengite Pink Amazonite Montmorillonite Andesine Freibergite Prase Celsian Glass Amber Opal Cyprine Picrite Thuringite Foliated talc Hubnerite Blue serpentine Dalmatian jasper Villiaumite Siderophyllite Cleophane Meroxene Muscovite gneiss Tremolite/talc Norwegian Opal Molybdene schist Spinel Schist Ferrodolomite Blende Ivoryite Coarse gabbro Thucolite Ripidolite Quartzite/fuchsite Garnet schist Saccharoide Chalcostibite Scolecite Ice Blue Marble Rock Crystal Greenockite Blackstone Epsomite Maucherite Delussite Wollastonite/spinel Plumbocalcite Disthene Eilat Stone Calcite/phlogopite Mesolite Apatite xtl Herkimer Diamond Quartz/tetrahedrite Zircon Green Microcline Phenacite Schalenblende Printstone Coquimbite Barite/fluorite Zebra marble Siderite schist Hermanover kugel Abalone Andesite Porphyry Antlerite Peristerite/spinel Porphyre Seraphinite Gagate Donpeacorite Almandine schist Brown quatzite Coprolite Pyroxmanganite Lussatite Hornfels Volcanic marble Margarita Adularia Estrie, qc --- This email has been checked for viruses by Avast antivirus software.

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