YG's Fictional Group is Actually Pretty Good 😮😮


So I just stumbled upon this video of a fictional idol group consisting of people all signed under YG (including the subsidiaries). The group was formed on a Netflix show called Part-Time Idol.

The members are:

Kwon Hyun Bin (model, actor, Produce 101 season 2, member of the group JBJ) Akdong Musician's Suhyun

Kim Hee Jung (actress, member of dance crew Purplow)

Hwang Seung Un (actress)

Kwon Young Deuk (1/2 of YG's infamous Kwon Twins, backup dancer).

I'm not sure how I'm just finding out about this considering I keep up with the Kwon twins (and other YG dancers) as though they're actual idols, which sounds kind of stalkerish since they're not in the spotlight like idols are, but really only means that I follow them on instagram lol. Anyways, I probably shouldn't have been too surprised that they sound good since many individuals under YG are multitalented (take Lee Sung Kyung and Jang Ki Yong for example), but still...

Also, can I just say that this song is a BOP. I believe it was produced by Chan Hyuk, the other half of Akdong Musician, so i guess it's not surprising that the song is good since he never lets us down, but I have a feeling that it's going to be stuck in my head for a while haha


Here's a live performance from a showcase they did. This one is focused on Hyun Bin, but it's the highest quality video I found. The backing track is really loud, but you can still hear them actually singing/rapping live in this fancam. THAT BAE BAE DANCE THOUGH!!!


Here's Suhyun and Hyunbin performing Last Goodbye by AKMU. Part of me wonders how Chanhyuk feels about his sister singing with another guy lol


I'm not really into shipping people anymore, but if I was then I would probably ship these two. I mean, look how flustered he got!

Oh no...this is bad guys. I think I'm starting to stan a group that isn't even real

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