Waifu Wednesday - Miki Hatori



So why do I like her? First of all, she is the most loyal person you could ever find ANYWHERE. While she wasn't the first person to befriend Ayumu, she's definitely the most real. She'll do anything to defend Ayumu or make her feel a little better, and doesn't even think about ditching her because she's not "popular." She's the kind of person I wish I had met in high school.

Second of all, she's got a heart of gold. Despite being a delinquent, she's the kindest person you could possibly meet. Which also means she'll have your back in a fight... and don't worry, she'll kick somebody's ass.

Third: she knows how to have fun! She's got a youthful spirit (Everyone: of course she does! She's in high school! Me: I know, but I meant more than that) and an enthusiasm that just brightens everything around her. This also relates to another good thing about her: her stoicism. She's been through some hard times in life, but never loses that cheerful spirit.


And that, friends, is Miki Hatori.


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