Health Benefits of Oolong Tea

After water, the most consumed beverage in the whole world is tea! India is the second highest producer of tea and many different varieties of teas are produced here and exported to other countries. There are many studies which explain to us the various benefits of consuming tea. Oolong tea is gaining popularity over the years. It is can be served as an amazing refreshment to your guests and is also great to be added to your daily diet. For those of you who do not know what Oolong tea is, it is basically tea made from the buds and stems of Camellia Sinensis plant. It is semi-oxidized and slightly fermented, making the flavor and smells slightly more robust than green tea, but lesser than black tea. The Fujian province in China is well known for the Oolong tea it produces. You can also go for tea box subscription for monthly tea subscription.

Why must you choose Oolong tea?

As mentioned above, Oolong tea has a lot many health benefits. The tea combines catechin and caffeine, plus it is jam-packed with anti-oxidants to fight the free radicals in the system. Studies have proven that Oolong tea has the health benefits of both black and green tea combined. The origin of these leaves dates around 400 years back. The fermentation of this tea is ceased as soon as the leaves start to change color. If you plan to buy Oolong tea, then it is important that you find an authentic seller. One of the best ways to procure this tea is to buy oolong tea online from the Teafloor website. Since this variety of leaves is slightly higher in price, you can avail the Oolong tea offers to save some money.

Top health benefits of oolong tea

You must get hold of the latest oolong teas and add them to your diet to be in the pink of your health. Use the oolong tea deals on the Teafloor website to avail some amazing, hard to let go offers. Now let us find out the health benefits of oolong tea.

• Helps in lowering cholesterol: this variety of tea really helps in reducing cholesterol and improving heart health. It has the perfectly sized polyphenol molecule to activate enzyme lipase which helps in reducing body fat by dissolving it. By doing so oolong tea helps in improving heart health as well.

• Improves medical alertness: The reason why we need tea in the morning is to give us that caffeine kick to help us get going and focus throughout the day. The caffeine in oolong tea revitalizes the mental alertness and performance because of its caffeine content. However, drinking too much of oolong tea can make you jittery.

• Boosts metabolism: this variety of tea helps you burn fat faster by raising your metabolism for up to two hours after drinking it. If you have it sans sugar and milk then it will really help you in the shedding a few kilos without vigorous dieting.

• Great for healthy hair and skin: the high level of oxidants in the tea prevents hair loss, you can also boil this tea and use it as the last rinse for added shine and bounce in your hair. Skin allergies and sensitivities can be combated with oolong tea. Always buy oolong tea online from the Teafloor website to avail oolong tea offers and make the most of oolong tea deals. When you buy oolong tea which is purely authentic you will see the difference it makes in your health.

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