BTS as things me and my friends say at school

V:"You've gotta hitler that dab" Suga:"You've got to pull out the d first." Suga:"He's gotta get Dora to build that wall." Jimin:"I can't ruff" *pouts* J-Hope:"This is the biggest f*cking mood I've had all month." Jimin to Jungkook:"There's this thing called STDs." Jungkook:"17 + 25 = 31. RM:" No it doesn't. Jungkook:*after a while* Shit you right." Jin to RM:"I don't want yo nasty." Jimin"I wonder if one of the numbers are still true. RM:"Honey, theres 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 & 9 Jimin:"Bitch but what about 0??? RM: "Oh shit you right" V:"I stone at the secret park." Suga:"I was the asshole in a bitch" Jin:"Bitch im fabulous" Jungkook:"And I was like... *room goes silent* lowkey screams." Jimin: "Oh we're still friends? I wouldn't have thought so considering you fucked my boyfriend. Jin:*boyfriend turns around confused*the actual fuck jeanisha?? Jimin:Woops" J-Hope:*chanting* "weiner weiner weiner weiner weiner" V:"Hey hey hey hey hey. Jungkook:My name aint Hey its Daquan. V:Sorry I forgot your name Jungkook:We've known each other for 4 years." Jhope:"I'm going to name my child Hey. Suga:Bitch no. JhopeFuck..." Jimin:"And she told her to me, 'my pussy's better than yours." Jungkook:*someone sneezes* Jimin:"Goddamn bless you bitch" Suga:"F*ck *ss c*nt *b*tch f*cker." *nobody reacts* Jungkook: shit *everyone gasps*

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