Awake chapter 14


Yoongi's POV

✳A day before the wedding✳

After driving Sana back to her hotel, I noticed a car following me for the past five minutes. 'huh..who could it be'. I fixed my rearview mirror to get a better look at the vehicle.

'Speak of the devil'. It was Yuri, my personal assistant. This was no coincidence, she was determined to get under my skin after I rejected her.

'I should've let her down gently'.

Her looks weren't the problem. All those foolish men desired her. Who wouldn't, but unlike them I'm an engaged men with a fiance who's beauty went far beyond what you see on the outside.

And for the past month or so, she's been doing the most to get my attention. Bringing me coffee, walking around my office with the most scandalous clothes, and inviting me for a drink almost every weekend.

I wanted nothing to do with a shallow gold digger like her. There's a reason why she was picky with her men. They treated her well in exchange for a night or two in bed.

I was her next target. But after calling the poor bitch out, she felt offended, but not enough to leave me alone.

Even after I explained I was soon to be married. She showed no interested going back to the seductive games.

A pain in the ass. It was bad enough dealing with her at the office, now this.

'That's it, I've had it'. I stepped on the gas, going over eighty hoping to lose her among the rest of the cars.

I sighed in relief as the heavy atmosphere changed. Slowing down once I reached my driveway.


It was almost time to get lunch but I couldn't focus yet again. Choosing to stay and finish the few papers I had left from yesterday. Food can wait.

All I could think of was Y/N. I felt horrible for ruining our dinner date. "Don't worry princess, I'll make it up on our big day"

She must be furious since she didn't respond to me at all, which also got me a bit worried.

'It's a day before our wedding, she must be busy with the preparations', I told myself, trying to justify why she wasn't answering.

Tapping my fingers nervously, and biting on my pen eager to get a single text from Y/N at ,any moment.

After waiting for one hour, I opened my phone to quite a few messages and calls. Although none were from the person that mattered the most to me.

My nerves were on edge. 'Maybe a little bit of alcohol will release some tension off of me'. I thought, walking to get a glass of Jack Daniel's from my hidden cabinet.

I was five glasses in and still no word from Y/N. After a few minutes the sweet and gentle thoughts turned into lustfull ones.

I couldn't help to think of Y/N, in bed face down ready to take it all in.

"No, this is not" I tried to shake it off. Leaving me to wonder how I got the sudden urge.

*Knock knock*

"Um... come in" I said wiping  a few beads of sweat from my forehead.

Yuri walked in looking better than ever in her white top and pencil skirt. "I got more paperwork for you Mr. Min" she announced, leaning for me to get a perfect view of her cleavage as she placed the papers on my desk.

Her smirk, that gaze, her body...shit it turned me on.

"Is everything alright Mr. Min" she asked cocking her head to the side. She was provoking me, she's been doing it since she first started the job.

I looked at her with lust filled eyes. 'This is not right', my eyes darting at her lips.

'If Y/N didn't want to give in, I might as well get it somewhere else'.

Without much hesitation she leaned closer to press her lips against mine. With my left hand I tangled my fingers between her hair to bring her lips closer to mine. I Pulled her closer to deepened the kiss as our lips moved in sync.

Without breaking the make out session, my fingers traced her jawline then slowly traveled down to unbutton her white top

Warning Explicit Sexual Content Ahead

I lifted her up on to my desk. I snapped off her bra and began to tease her, slowly massaging her breast then rubbing her nipples, Making her breath hitched. I'd had enough, I couldn't wait anymore. All my suppressed lustful desires emerged In this moment.

I got her up of my desk, "what's wrong" she asked.

"Turn around and shut your mouth" I commanded as she looked at me surprised but easily complied. Turning around she covering her fully exposed breast.

I Pushed her forward on my desk, to get a full view of her plump ass. "Wait..what are you doing" she asked trying to look back. I pressed my body towards hers "Didn't I say to shut up?"

"Ye- yes" she stuttered as I felt her up one last time before unzipping her skirt, and letting it fall to the floor.

"Would you look at that?" I opened a small drawer, where I kept a sharp pair of scissors. "Yoongi?... what are you doing" Yuri asked as she's never seen this side of me before.

"Shhhhhh" I traced the outline of her lace g string. Cutting it with one quick opening and closing.

"Now doesn't this feel much better?" I asked receiving no response, she was speechless, it turned me on even more.

I unbutton my pants, giving her ass a smack to prepare her for what's coming. I spread her legs.

"Don't worry, this will only hurt....a lot".  By the first thrust I left her breathless, by the second she panted like a bitch by the third I had her begging for more.

"Slow down" she would beg, making me thrust fast and deeper into her.

Both our bodies covered in sweat,  "More...don't stop" she managed to say.  I felt like teasing her a bit more

"What's my name..? "


Her body slammed against the desk with every thrust.

"Who's your daddy?..."

"Y- You are"

She said before reaching her point, but I wasn't finished.

I closed my eyes and thought of her...of Y/N in order to reach my own climax.

Okay my lovelies gather around  the dirty is over, for now ;) Okay my lovelies gather around  the dirty is over, for now ;)


I woke up to feeling woozy. Something wasn't adding up. After I gained consciousness, my eyes grew wide at the sight of me half naked on my chair.

"Wha—what the fuck happened?" I looked up to see none other than Yuri fixing herself.

"You fucked me on your desk darling", she answered calmly as she fixed her skirt.

"Bullshit, I would never get involved with someone like you"

"On the contrary, I gave you everything Y/N wouldn't" Those words made my blood boil.

"Get" I answered ready to push he out of my office.

She swung her phone left and right. "Ohh... I guess you wouldn't mind if I send a little surprised to your beloved fiance, right?"

"Don't you fucking dare" I looked at her with bloodshot eyes. Knowing she had pictures to prove I cheated, filled me with rage.

"Watch me", Yuri clicked her tongue, threatening to send Y/N photos of me banging her over my desk.

No, I can't lose Y/N, she's the love of my life; the one who taught me how to love and care for someone you truly love. Her heart will be shattered and so will mine.

"Alright !" I sprung up from my chair, slamming both my hands on the desk.

Her menacing smile grew wider, "Let's have some the club. Oh and one last thing, you're paying",  she added.

"See you at eight darling", she said blowing a kiss at my direction as she left my office.


I gulped down a shot of vodka. Wanting to get rid of the taste of her lips. The burning sensation that travel down my throat eased the feeling of wanting to throw up.

I looked back to see Yuri dancing provocatively  with two guys. She was most likely eyeing  her next target/victim. Perhaps to make them pay for some drinks or more.

I shook my head, "Enjoy it while it last, you skank"

"This is all my fault". I slammed my glass on the counter of the bar. "I have myself to blame."

I gave her what she craved for and now She had me wrapped around her finger.

The rage build up Inside me came out in the form of tears.

"Could you possibly forgive me Y/N?" I asked myself, drunk and miserable in a room full of people having the time of their lives.

I put my head down for what felt like a second.

*Tap Tap Tap*

A tap on my shoulder disrupted me.

"The bill..sir", the bartender stammered. Frightening by my cold gaze. " your date left this for you", he added. Handing me a small paper.

You're no fun. Thanks for the drinks. We should do this more often..see you tomorrow - Yuri xoxoxo

I torn the paper to pieces. Taking out my credit card to pay for the large bill she created in a matter of minutes.

Looking through my pockets, I couldn't find my car keys. "That's right...the parking boy" I stuttered remembering where my car was left.

I got up from my chair. Stumbling against ass and boobs as I looked for the exit.

The boy refused to hand over the keys. "Sir, i can call you a cab, but you can't  have your car keys it's for your safety and the safety of others" he answered as calm as possible backing up into his small booth.

I had lost the last bit of patience I had In me. "Alright, how much do you want", I opened my wallet ready to hand over my money.


"Wow, nice try" a female snatched both the money and keys from our hands.


"Come on, I'll take you home" she said pulling me into the passenger seat of my own car.

"Fuck off Sana...I never asked for your help!" I hollered, pulling my arm from her grip.

"You don't need to. Im doing this because I care. I know you like the back of my hand." She replied with a soft tone.

She looked down at the ground, pressing her lips together as if to stop herself from saying to much. "I also know you umm got yourself in a heap of trouble." She added, scratching the side of her head. Trying to lighten the mood a little bit. Unfortunately having the opposite effect on me.

I wasn't in the mood to joke around.

"I was set up Sana, she set me up!." I fought from slurring my words.

Sana looked at me, shaking her head in disapproval. "Why am I not surprised. I warned you; it would be a matter of time before she tried something of this caliber"

I leaned my head on her shoulder. "I should've listened to you and fired her when I had the chance".

She sighed, caressing my hair just the way I liked it.

"Relax Yoongi, she won't find out. I'll make sure she doesn' get in " she said walking to the driver's seat of my car.


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