My fascination with humanity is quite odd I roam around with my dowsing rod To prod the Earth for this idea that I've grown fond of The black pond A dark treasury I wish to measure the Immense complexities of the subconscious mind What hotsy totsy shit would I find? Imagine a dip A trip through an abstract world Whirled along with a demon holding your left hand The tour's not planned Credible cannot stand There in the other dimension Any other mention of "The last frontier" is false This place could never be reached in a mundane sense Commence an expedition to another plane to gain arcane sight Make light out of darkness It's the farthest cry from what's normalized But from the attempt I have a purpose In a word, 'devine' An aegis I named her Anise Anise Anise When I call, she harkens I confide in my spirit guide as I ride along esoteric texts from my dead teachers Visions from my third eye feature a future where my true self illumines the population Father of a nation of sages in the golden age of this Kali yuga Avatar of the one's who flew us the light without the intent of blinding I'll find the Black pond That idea that I've grown fond of

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