Jonghyun’s Album Is Up for Preorder

Okay so, his album is ready for preorder. I just purchased 2 copies of the album along with the official poster, one for me and one for my sister. I’m so emotional right now but I know that when I finally have the album I’m gonna be even more emotional then. This is one of the very last things he worked on as a solo artist and member of SHINee. And I’m so happy that my money will be donated to a good cause and will help Jonghyun’s mother in some way. Tags:@JarviaKlipka@ESwee@KPOPandKimchi@IsoldaPazo@KennaStarz@poojas@KwonOfAKind@SugaKookies@kpopINT@MrsJungHoseok@SokharChea@AaliyahNewbell@Choijiah@GamerKyumin@usagichan20104@jennissa711@Ivethcrisoforo@mellyortiz@Namjoonsbutt@Znae@mszmarclyne93@RTC123@NykeaKing@XDLP@MiahCisneros@rosajlm2@amberfoe@hopekookie@faith92@ArmyofKookie@GriseldaZenger@CrystalBlunt@ZeidaAlvarez@mrsjeon@Isolate@ShaneShore@MelissaGarza@Fangirl@KarenGuerra93@BangtanBurger@SharnKaur@JiselAmorsMusic@IsabellaCherry@salo@lizbethruiz617@otakukpoper@twistedPuppy@RochelleRose@luna1171@imiebegay14@InfinitySky@DustanCarpenter@cns1391@sukkyongwanser

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