~IWKWLI~ Chapter 23

~Gia~ Ring.Ring.ring. "Hello?"I asked answering my phone. "Morning Daughter."Mom said. "Hi mom.Whats up?" "I need you to meet me at your Auntie Monique's." "Right now?" "Yes." "Mom.It's...6 am."I said looking at the time. "We need to get this done today." "Ok.ok.Bye." "Bye." She's always waking me up early for something.Ugh.

I rolled out of bed and walked out of my room towards the bathroom to see Jay walking out of Gio's room without a shirt. Oh girl.Let me tell you. This is a beautiful site but no.This boy can't be doing this at my house.No sir. "Oh morning G." "Uh.um.Good morning ."I said just staring at his body. As you can tell I did let him stay.Why? I have no idea. It’s been a few days and still can’t get use to this. "Umm.Is Gio awake?"I asked trying to make some sort of conversation. "Not yet." "Ok that's good.Umm. I'm going to head out and go help my mom plan the Christmas party.So yeah." "Alright.Um.I'm just going to go make some food." "Ok.And I'm just going to take a shower."I said awkwardly pointing to the door. I walked in shutting the door and leaned against the door just replaying what happened. You know how your feelings just rush back for that person? Well I think that just happened! ~Party Planning~ I pulled up to Auntie Monique's house and headed inside seeing Mom looking through a magazine. "Hey Mom."I said going over and giving her a hug. "Hi Honey." "Where's Auntie?" "She's in the kitchen making breakfast." I walked to the kitchen saying hi. "Can You do me a favor and wake up Angel. That boy is going to be late for school." "On it.” I headed upstairs towards his room and slowly opening the door. How can I wake this fool up? I looked in seeing him wrapped up in his blankets. Umm. I'll just do the regular and jump on this fool. I did a small little jog and jumped landing on him hard. "Ah.Ow." "Wake up Sleepy Head.You're going to be late." "G.What are you doing here. Leave me alone." "Get up." "I will.Get off."He said pushing me. "Pregnant here." "Oh shit.You ok?!"He asked panicking. "Yeah. I'm fine now get up.Breakfast is almost done." "Ok.Ill be down in a minute." I got off his bed and headed back downstairs sitting with mom. "Angel coming?"Auntie Monique asked. "Yeah. Can Angel be apart of this planning?" "Actually he can be. It's his last day of school for winter break." "Yay." "Yay for what?"Angel asked coming into the dining room. "You're going to help Gia and Aunt Keyshia plan the Christmas party." "Um.Why?" "They need the help and also I need your help with making the cakes." "Why can't Jay or Romeo do it." "How you know Jay's here?"I asked. "Our mothers like to talk on the phone hella loud and almost all night." "Actually I wanna know how it is with Jay staying at your place."Mom said. "It's alright. I mean Jay can watch Gio." "So are you two going to get back together."Auntie asked grabbing some plates. "I don't think so." "Oh that's right. You fucked it up."Angel said eating his bacon. "Angel.Language." "I Did.Sadly.Ugh."I said grabbing some food. "Who knows what Will happen. It’s just been a shit show hasn’t it.” “Mom.Language.” “Boy I’m grown.Hurry up before you’re late.” “Yes ma’am.” He finished his breakfast and left for school. I feel like that Boy is never on time. After breakfast we sat around in my aunts living room and decided that this party is just going to be about family so it’s going to be on Christmas Eve. I’m excited since the last ones always had people from dads job and stuff. Boring!!! Most of this planning I’ve texting Lonnie. Still can’t believe she’s pregnant with Rico!!! Ugh. I miss their faces too. I gotta make lunch plans with them. “Gia. Are you helping us or not?”Mom said taking my phone. “Yes. I am.” “Well what ideas do you have?” “We can play games.” “Ok that sounds fun.” “What kind?” “I say one it’s called’ Build A Snowman’ we just wrap someone in toilet paper and basically make a snowman.” “Ok Not too bad.” “There’s one where you have to get the wreath to a certain point without using hands.” “Let’s do those.” “I’ll look up more.”I said grabbing my phone back. Another couple hours were spent with them going over what to make for dinner. Yeah I’m good on that. Ring. Ring. Ring. I looked at my phone seeing Angel calling. “What’s up?” “Can you pick me up from school. My car died.” “None of your friends have jumper cables?” “We tried. I wouldn’t have called.” “Ok. I’m on my way.” I hung up and said bye to Mom and Auntie. I got into my car hooking up my phone playing some Ella Mai. As I pulled up to the school I just see Angel and his best friend Landon sitting in the car. I honked letting them know I was here. They both got out and hopped into my car. “Where to?” “My house.”Angel said. “So what do you guys have planned for your break?” “A few parties.”Landon said. “What about the bakery job?” “Of course that too.”Angel said.”Do you think Mom is really going to have us bake?” “That’s good. Are you two helping with the Christmas party cakes?” “Most likey.” “Maybe.So Gia..With Jay staying are you going to get him back?” “Who’s jay?”Landon asked. “Baby Daddy.” “Wait you haven’t met Jay yet?”I asked surprised. Huh I thought they met before. “Nope.What’s he look like?” “Here.”Angel pulled out his phone pulling up YouTube. “Nothing is going on. He is sleeping in Gio’s room.” “This is the guy some of the girls at our school talk about.Yo Gia. Hella lucky. These girls would kill to be in your spot.”Landon said watching some music videos. “I hear that all the time. We just fell off,but we are being civil to each other for Gio’s sake.” “That’s good.” “Yeah. Hey after Christmas I was thinking we can go to LA. Hit up Disneyland and Universal studios.” “I’m down. Landon?” “Same.” “Awesome now convince your mom to convince mine.”I said pulling up to his house.” “I’ll try.” “Try really really hard.Bye guys. “Bye.” Finally home from a day of planning. They are actually still planning and doing some shopping. I just wanted to come home and be with my baby Gio. I walked into the house seeing Jay on the couch with Gio watching a movie. “Mommy!!”Gio yelled jumping off the couch giving me a hug. “Hi baby.”I said hugging him back and picking him up.”What did you and Appa do?” “We ate,played and and watched turtles.” “That sounds like fun.” “Oh.Here.” Jay got up walking towards me and held out my necklace. That stupid star necklace he gave me. “Why do you have this. I had this put up.”I said setting Gio down and grabbing the necklace. “Gio found it. Relax.” I walked to my room opening the door with Jay following and I couldn’t help but just throw it. “So that’s how you treat the necklace I gave you?”He said shaking his head. “Why do you even care?” I shut my door walking past him going straight to the kitchen looking for something to eat. “Did you guys eat dinner yet?” “No,but why throw it like that?” “Jay. Like I said. Why do you care. You didn’t seem to care when you decided to to dedicate that song to Yoona.” “Hold up. Don’t even bring her up.” “Why. Gio. Do you want pizza?” “Yeah.” “Gia you know why.” “Actually no i don’t. Please tell me.”I said grabbing my phone to order. “Ok. Fine. You know why I don’t want you to bring her up. Because I actually still love her. You ruined everything.” “I ruined everything. I did.”I said pointing to myself starting to get hella mad. “Yes you ruined everything. I was going to be married to someone that I love. You just had to ruin it by fighting her and getting-“ “Getting what.Getting What?”I asked interrupting him.”Say it.” “Pregnant.” “I hate you. You can go fix it with that stupid bitxh.” I walked away ordering the pizza and sat in my room trying so hard not to cry right now. I can’t believe he would ever say that. Ugh I wanna kick him out, but Gio is too happy that he’s here. UGH!!!!!

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