6 Stunning Party Jewelry Pieces Every Woman Must Have

Every woman awaits that moment when she gets her own pair of delicate jewelry to cherish. However, even if a woman has a large collection of jewelry, she often struggles to pick up the right piece to wear at a party. Isn’t it? We all want to look the best at an event, and the right jewelry plays an important role in it. From earrings, neckpiece, anklet, to bracelets you should have everything in your wardrobe so that you can steal the show with your appearance.

Here we have collected some fine piece of jewelry you must have in your wardrobe.

Bee accent earrings


Cross choker

Love to put on the cross around your neck? Then this cross choker is for you. You can even layer it with other neckpieces to attain a layered look. Will look trendy and suitable for any occasion, this choker necklace deserves to adorn your jewelry box.

Milagrosa cuff

A gold handcuff can instantly make your any outfit glamorous in no time. The Milagrosa featured on this wide, stunning cuff is surrounded by inset crystals and looking beautiful. It is a perfect piece for all those people who go to her for miracles.

Rose hoop earrings

These hoop earrings which has been specially handcrafted with sublime elements, like roses. Handmade with sterling silver in Mexico, this rose hoop earrings is a perfect addition to your jewelry collection.

Gold & chrome earrings

Works great with mixed metals, this gold & chrome earrings has been inspired by the cardinal directions in a compass. This stunning piece represents the path in our everyday spiritual journey. Can be paired with any apparel, this Virgin, Saints & Angels gold over sterling silver jewelry has been handmade in San Miguel.

Crystal heart ring

Embellished with pacific opal, this oval silver sacred heart ring is perfect for a unique style statement. Needless to say, this ring will catch the fancy of everyone in the party. Available in Gold also, this lovely piece has been made with love in Mexico.

Now your wardrobe is complete with gorgeous jewelry pieces to wear at a party.

Sophia Alva is a freelancer blogger for over a year. She enjoys reading and writing about women's latest fashion trends . With very strong ideas on fashion, she believes in spreading her word to the world and bring awareness amongst people. Off duty, she is a lyricist composing her songs.
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