Jonghyun - Before Our Spring MV

I was not expecting this MV at all, and just when I thought I had no tears left to cry, they came falling down again. The MV consists of videos of Jonghyun, memories of him etc. The song is beautiful, Jonghyun’s voice is so angelic and I just couldn't help but sob. This is still so surreal that Jonghyun is not here with us. I was just thinking about a dream that I had about him a few days ago, he was singing on stage and smiling, and I got a chance in my dream to meet him and talk to him. It just hurts me that I will never get to see him in real life. And I still feel a sense of regret of not seeing the signs he left so that I could somehow reach out to him before he passed away. It has been a month already and I still think about this every day. I may not have been a fan from the beginning or even sooner than that but I did become a fan of not only Jonghyun, but SHINee as well, but it hurts no matter long you appreciated their work. I've never mourned the loss of a celebrity, a person, an artist, for this long. I still hurt, even on my good days. I hope that he is resting peacefully and I hope that he knows how much I love this album. Tags:@JarviaKlipka@ESwee@KPOPandKimchi@IsoldaPazo@KennaStarz@poojas@KwonOfAKind@SugaKookies@kpopINT@MrsJungHoseok@SokharChea@AaliyahNewbell@Choijiah@GamerKyumin@usagichan20104@jennissa711@Ivethcrisoforo@mellyortiz@Namjoonsbutt@Znae@mszmarclyne93@RTC123@NykeaKing@XDLP@MiahCisneros@rosajlm2@amberfoe@hopekookie@faith92@ArmyofKookie@GriseldaZenger@CrystalBlunt@ZeidaAlvarez@mrsjeon@Isolate@ShaneShore@MelissaGarza@Fangirl@KarenGuerra93@BangtanBurger@SharnKaur@JiselAmorsMusic@IsabellaCherry@salo@lizbethruiz617@otakukpoper@twistedPuppy@RochelleRose@luna1171@imiebegay14@InfinitySky@DustanCarpenter@cns1391@sukkyongwanser

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