Fans Are Worried About Leeteuk's Depressed Instagram Posts...

He posted this a few days ago and fans got really worried:

"I don't even know how such a frantic day has passed by. It's only when I lay down in freshly-washed sheets that I feel like the day's come to an end. My voice is hoarse, and my head and legs feel dull. My emotions are all floaty, and I feel like I'm laying down on clouds. Every single day, I'm running on a hamster wheel, and sometimes I think to myself, 'What am I running for?' The result and answer are there, but I don't know what it is. I think the right answer is to go on without knowing."

Then he posted:

"...Thank you, everyone... My eyes look sad... Maybe it's because the weather is cold. Seeing myself, I'm also anxious about me. And it's not like I'm at puberty..."

*note that he did follow it with ㅋㅋㅋ meaning LOL so it might be a joke, but fans are worried because it came after a more depressing post...

Fighting Leeteuk! Take your rest and do whatever is best for YOU.

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