[B.A.T.W] Scenarios with Hobi

Hi all! This week we are writing little scenarios that other members in the group picked for us!@addixtion picked the gifs, so if you feel as attacked as I do (especially on the second gif), it wasn't me this time! I haven't written anything in a while so I'm sorry if these aren't very good!

Scenario #1


As of late, you and your boyfriend Hobi haven't been able to spend a lot of time together because of his incredibly busy schedule, and your work schedule also kept you busy and away from him as well. You had worked all day and had received a text from Namjoon saying that Hobi was going to have a slight break for today and would be able to come home and spend the night with you. Knowing this, you ran to the store and got all the ingredients to make one of Hoseok's favorite meals. You wanted to give him something nice to come home to from him being so busy with the group, and you just knew that making his favorite dish would make him incredibly happy, not that he wasn't already, since he was the sunshine of bts and your life. The meal didn't take long to prepare, and just as you were making the finishing touches, you heard Hobi walk into the house.

"(Y/N), are you making my favorite dish because you found out I would be coming home tonight?" He asks, walking in and putting his arms around your hips and kissing you on the cheek.

You nodded and got bowls out for you to be able to eat the meal. As you two sat down to eat, Hobi got a look of excitement when he took a bite of the dinner.

"It's sooooo good, (Y/N)! Thank you so much!" He says, continuing to eat the food.

You two finished up food and decided to go to bed and put a movie on off of netflix and snuggled until you both fell asleep, both of you having missed being able to spend this kind of time together.

Scenario #2


It was a beautiful day to take a walk around the neighborhood of where you lived. The skies were the bluest you had seen in a long time, and you just enjoyed being outside when the weather was like this. Little did you know that you would "accidentally" be bumping into an incredibly attractive stranger on your walk. You had one headphone in so you could still pay attention to the outside world, and you were trying to pick a song to listen to when you suddenly bumped into someone.

"I'm so sorry." You say, still looking down at your phone because you were embarrassed that you had bumped into someone.

You begin to take a few steps back and look up at the stranger. He is incredibly attractive, and he is giving you this look that held you in a trance. (what Hobi is doing in the gif above!)

"That's alright! You can repay me by giving me your number and going on a date with me." He says, ending with a wink. You could feel your face getting red, as you nod your head and type in your number into the strangers phone that he had handed you.

"I'll text you later, uhhh... (Y/N.) That's such a pretty name." He says, as he continues to walk.

Later on, a few months after you and the stranger, who you now know is named Hoseok, you find out he had delibrately walked into you because he had told his friends that he thought you were cute, and they had dared him to find a way to ask you out on a date. You were incredibly happy that they had, because even though he seemed like a little bit of a playboy at first, he was actually an incredibly caring person that you were beginning to fall in love with.

I feel like this was incredibly cheesy, but I haven't written in a while and well all I can say is that I tried my best! I hope everyone likes this, and I 'll see you next week with another Hobi card!!!





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