💙Thank You!💙


Hello Vinglers!

I just wanted to say a couple of things before going back to my "Time off Vingle" mode xD

First things first THANK YOU to all of the lovely people who showed me love and support not only did it help me emotionally but I believe mentally as well so Thank you❤

@CrazyOtaku3@shadow3750@MarcusCollins@MelissaGarza @KsoHyunnie27@JungMinji97@Zeke486 @ChristinaCovert@Gibbous1992 @MonieManhiM@AnbuRose@VoreceMiller @IdolOtaku@LostMage@AsystolinaTawan @djdoubl3up@Frosta@AlexRae @SimplyAwkward@MorganAlys@JustinDiaz

You are all beautiful and amazing people! Thank you to all of you, you all truly blessed my life with your kind words and wisdom. And to those also fighting and struggling with your own demons I too wish and hope for you to overcome yours. I dont plan to be gone very long because with Vinglers like you guys its very hard to stay away haha. I've said like 7 times already but I'll say it again THANK YOU❤

I also wanted to say Thank You To @Vingle Itself. Seeing this restored my passion to make cards soon. When I saw this I couldn't help but cry this is probably the most precious thing you could have ever given/done for me Vingle I loved it and I will never forget it❤


I Hope you all have an amazing day and even if you weren't tagged dont be upset because never forget that I Love You All!❤



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