Infinite Weekly Update๐Ÿ“ฃ


Hello Inspirits! It's Melissa with Infinite Weekly Update! Its where I will share update news about our boys and the Crew. Let's start with Twitter update.

First, today on twitter has started #/Happy28thWooHyunDay

I'll be talking more about that in Crew update.

Great news! Kim Myungsoo was voted Best Idol Actor for 13th Annual Soompi Awards.

Sunggyu was in new episode of MBC Outrageous Roommates.

Sungyeol is currently in new drama 'Loves Return'. He's also in Law of the Jungle.

*side note- Apparently both Dongwoo and Sungjong have both been on Law of the Jungle. I need to watch this show more often.

Lastly, the chance to vote Inspirits for #TwitterBestFandom has ended today.

Now for Crew Update. This is where I will be informing you all our plans for this week. Today we are starting Woohyun Birthday Celebration!


We hope you accept our invitation to our celebration.

Also wanted to inform you that we are going back to Member Days starting today. I will be starting it off with Woohyun.

Infinite Member Schedule
Sunday- Woohyun/Infinite Update
Monday- Sungyeol
Tuesday - L
Wednesday - Hoya
Thursday- Sunggyu
Friday- Dongwoo
Saturday - Sungjong

Now for our theme this week.

How would you like to spend the day with your bias? Amusement Park,


Or just a Park?


That is the theme for this week. We will be planning a day with our member at either Amusement Park or Park. Its going to be fun to see what we come up with. You are more the welcome to try it out with your Infinite bias.


That is all for this week's update!

Until next time Inspirits!


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