Stray Kids Unofficial Mod Crew Intro

Hello everyone!@awkwardjazzy ,@MaeLyn and I have decided to post for Stray Kids for fun! We love the group so much! I'm not sure how often we'll be posting which is why we're doing it for fun. We just want the boys to get more attention!

Like I said this isn't anything official, we are posting for fun since us three love the group so much!

So here's a little introduction to me and who I'll be representing.

-My name is Erica.

-I'm 22, I was born in December of 1995. So I am older than all of the members unfortunately.

-My favorite group is Pentagon.

-My Ultimate Bias is Jo Jinho of Pentagon.

-Some other groups I post for are Pentagon, NCT, VIXX, Astro, B.A.P, MAP6, Victon, Day6, Hotshot, The Rose, and Monsta X. I don't post all the time but I do post the most about the groups mentioned above.

-I also love to post about Dramas. I mostly post about Korean dramas but I've also posted about Thai, Japanese, and Chinese dramas.

-My biases for Stray Kids are Chan and Seungmin!

-I swear Jeongin is the cutest ever though! He is my son, respect him!

On to who I represent!





Next week I'll be introducing Chan, Woojin, and Seungmin to you!!!


Stray Kids Mod Squad:


If you'd like to be tagged in our fun little informing cards please let us know in the comments!!

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