That One Time Heechul Was Kicked Out of SM Entertainment

Back in the mid-2000’s, SM Entertainment was planning to produce a rock band.

Linkin Park

SM told him to write a letter of apology due to his consistent defiance, but he was still rude in this letter.

He wrote:

“I do not know what I did wrong but I’m writing this because you guys told me I have to”

He easily could’ve been kicked from SM since they had over 100 trainees at the time, but they kept him because of his incredibly good looks.

As punishment, he was removed from the band and he returned home out of anger. He was found at a club by 2 of his friends who convinced him to return to the agency. Lee Soo Mantold him to become an actor, so he appeared in his first drama before his debut as an idol. While he was previously against singing anything but hard rock, he was influenced by listening to dance music in clubs, and eventually agreed to debut in a new idol group.

Super Junior 05HeechulTRAXJungmoYunho

Can you even imagine Super Junior without him?!

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