Best Friend: Chapter 8

~Ashley~ “Is this the place?”Christian asked turning into the parking garage. “Yes it is.” I’m nervous for them to meet. I have no idea why,but I am. Christian parked the car and we headed up to the apartment. I typed in the code and we walked in taking off our shoes. “Jay.We’re here.” I said seeing if Jays home. Nothing. “Looks Like he isn’t here yet.”I said as we walked into the living room. “What’s your room set up?” “Oh. Jay actually paid for everything. Come see.” I grabbed Christians wrist dragging him to my room. “Oh.Wow. It’s nice.” “He said to pick out whatever I wanted.” “He likes you.” “No he doesn’t. He was being nice.” “Buying all of this?” “Yes.” We heard the front door open so we walked out and see Jay with JeHan holding hella grocery bags. “Hey Jay.”I said going over and helping him. “Hey.You guys are early.” “We ended up getting bored with shopping, but wow you bought a lot.” “I wanted to have a nice dinner.” “Well thanks for the effort.Oh anyways. Jay this is my cousin Christian. Christian this is Jay.” “Hey nice to meet you.”Jay said going over and shaking his hand. “Nice meeting you too.”Christian said. “Oh and this is Jays brother JeHan” “Hey.” “Hey Man.” “Do you want help?”I asked. “Nah it’s fine. Y’all just go ahead and relax.” “Ok.” I sat down with Christian and we looked at pictures on Instagram. After a while I just felt that tingle in my throat. I just started coughing. Where the heck did this come from? “Please don’t tell me you’re getting sick.”Christian said backing up. “Just one of those throat tickle things.”I said Clearing my throat. “Are you Sure?” “Yeah. I haven’t coughed all day.” “True.” We went back to going through IG and then Jay called us over to eat. Good. Girl hungry!! -Later~ This dinner is alright I can say since Christian and Jay are getting along. Honestly if they didn’t Christian will call my mom and tell her I can’t live with Jay and blah blah blah. I like it here. “So when do I get to meet this boyfriend of yours?”Christian asked out of nowhere. Damn it. “What boyfriend?!”jay asked surprised. “He doesn’t know?” “I just said that so you would stop thinking Jay and I would get feelings for each other.” Hope they believe it. “JeHan.” “This girl doesn’t have a boyfriend. She would’ve told us before anyone. She’s never said anything.” Oh hallelujah.Jehan comes in for the save! But Jay looks like he isn’t buying it. “Wow cuz.” “You were goin to make me move in with you.” “Well jay is a cool guy so I’m sorry.” “And Im sorry for lying.Jay dinner is good. I didn’t know you could cook.” “I’m full of surprises.”Jay smiled. “Yes you are.” Sadly Christian had to leave so soon for work in the morning,but dinner was a success. I helped Jay with the dishes and took myself to bed. I don’t know I just feel super tired.

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