❤Fall in Love with Minho❤Stray Kids Intro💖

Hello Fellow Stray Kids stans! It's Melissa with my member intro. I'm still new to the group, so please understand if I make any mistakes. Since they are still new, we can learn about them together. I will be supporting Minho and Felix. First, I will be introducing Minho. Let's get started

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This video is 20 facts about Minho. Its very good and interesting video.

I will be elaborating some of his facts.

Minho is called Dancing Sculpture, I think its because he has been dancing for 4-5 years.


Minho was a trainee for 1 year. That isn't a long time for a trainee. That's very impressive.



Minho was a backup dancer for BTS during their Japan tour.

Here is an interesting fact about Minho. He puts his clothes in bundles. It sounds like he's an organized person. Which isn't a bad thing.

That's all for Minho's introduction. I hope you enjoyed it. Please join us also on Stray Kids Amino. Here is the link to join


Let's get together to help them grow into a very successful group.

Until next time!


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