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Wazz poppin everyone! It's your girl Waluigi. I said I would post this new fanfic on Saturday but I didn't get to it. Yesterday I watched the Super Bowl, only for the commercials tbh so I didn't get it posted yesterday either but I'm here now to post it. I thought I'd post it before I watch my show cause if I don't I'd push it to tomorrow. To make up for it I'll be posting the Astro oneshot that I made and then later this week I will work on chapter 3 of Dating a Beat Boxer.

This fanfic was originally going to have just N but Ravi is in it too. I also have this fanfic that I made as kind of a 2-part project for school last year in my cartooning class and creative writing class that I want to post. It's got Vixx and Exo in it and I think it's kinda cool so I'll see if I can post it sometime on here.

I did make some changes to this fanfic, for example I changed 2 weeks to 2 years because I felt one of the parts wouldn't make sense with the time period being only 2 weeks. This is the first fanfic I made so I thought it had to kind of be realistic but if the first chapter goes over well then I will try to make the second chapter better. I will say that there are some words and such. Nothing like smutt but a few curse words.

You've been dating for two years now and the entertainment company has him working around the clock so you can only talk to him on his lunch break. One evening he calls you by surprise as you are getting ready for bed.

"Hey hunny, how are you?" he asks.

"I'm ok, I miss you." you tell him making some tea before bed.

"I miss you too." he says. There's a long pause before he starts talking again. "I have some good news."

"Oh? What is it, did you finally find a place to hide your face cream so the kids stop stealing them?" you ask. You call the members of the group he's in kids as a little nickname. Sometimes you and N will joke about you two being the parents and the other members being your children. He laughs a little and his low caramel voice melts you from the inside out. If he kept laughing you would've turned into a puddle.

"No that's not it. Although they did stop taking my face cream. Now they've found my face masks so I'm always buying more." he says. You chuckle. You miss the sound of his voice. "I got a break for a few days so I'll be home in the morning and then I can take you out to do stuff."

"How many days?" you ask taking your hot tea upstairs.

"Just three." he says. You hear a small sigh.

"Hey, three days is better than nothing," you say entering your room and sitting on the bed, "three days is plenty."

"I guess. I just wish it was longer." he says. "Anyway, I thought we could go to some of your favorite places so make a list and we can look at it together in the morning."

"Sounds good." you say smiling.

"Alright, I have to go but I will see you in the morning. I love you." he says

"I love you too." you say. After you hang up you set your tea on the nightstand and grab the pen and notepad out of the top drawer and begin making a list of the places you want to go. You remember that anique store with the teapots that your mother took you to growing up and put that at the top of your list. You want these three days to be fun since you haven't seen him in awhile. A few minutes later you have a small list of places including the amusment park and going out to dinner. Feeling satisfied you set the notepad and pen down and go to bed.

You get jolted awake by the fire alarm going off. You smell something burning so you quickly slide on some slippers and tie your hair in a messy bun and head towards the smell thinking the worst thoughts. As you speed walk down the hallway the smell seems to be coming from the kitchen. You poke your head around the corner and see some dude waving his hands around trying to get rid of the smoke. You rush to the kitchen window and open it.

"N, you're back early." you say wactching him pull something out of the oven. You watch his movements through the smoke that's still lingering and realize that N never burns his food and this dude's movements seem a bit careless. As the smoke clears you see that the person you thought was N actually isn't. "Ravi?" you question looking between him and the burnt food in his hands.

"Good morning." Ravi says in a cheerful tone even though he almost burnt down your kitchen. "I made breakfast, I call it a breakfast pie. It's got hash browns at the bottom followed by a layer of eggs, a layer of cheese, then a layer of bacon and sausage and I pored pancake batter on the top. I guess it's more like a cake. I think I burnt it."

"You think?" you say raising your eyebrow.

"I made some fruit bowls if you want to eat that instead. I put it them in the fridge. You want milk or orange juice?" He says placing the pie on the stove with a cute frown on his face.

"Kitten oven mitts?" you say trying to hold in your laughter. You look at what he's wearing and and start to giggle.

"What?" he says holding his hands out and looking at himself. On top of his kitten oven mitts he's wearing a matching apron.

"You know I never wear those when cooking right?" you say getting a fruit bowl out of the fridge.

"Oh..I thought that's what you wear when cooking. You have a lot of square oven mitts and these were the only hand ones I could find." He follows you to the table with a slice of the burnt pie.

"Those are called hot pads Ravi." you say taking a bite of melon. "You're actually going to eat that?"

"I thought I'd see how it tastes." he says. You watch him take a bite and his face changes before he spits it out. You chuckle. "I'll just wait til N gets back. Maybe he'll pick up something.

"Where is N?" you say taking another bite of fruit.

"Um, I don't know he left awhile ago I guess." Ravi says.

"After you got here?" you ask

"No, before." he says. He stare at him.

"How'd you get in? The door was locked." you say trying to remember if you actually locked the door last night.

"I crawled through the upstairs window." Ravi says. You drop your fork and swallow hard.

"Are you telling me you came in through my bedroom window while I was asleep and decide to make yourself at home? How did you get in through the window, it was locked." you say starting to get a little angry.

"No, the window was unlocked, it was even open a little. I tried the door and it was already locked.

"Why didn't you let me know before hand and I could've left the door unlocked. You could've slept on the couch."

"You can't leave your door unlocked you know how dangerous that is? I was thinking about calling but I didn't want to bug you if you were sleeping." Ravi says standing up and throwing the pie away.

"I don't sleep during the day dumbass." you say finishing your fruit bowl.

"No, I was gonna call you when I tried the door but then I walked to the back of the house and saw that your bedroom window was open so I crawled through. I didn't want to wake you either. Plus if I didn't come in when I did you would've froze to death. I had to cover you back up. And it's not like you would've heard me come in you were snoring so loud anyway. You do have a nice pair of legs though." Ravi grins and you stand up and whack him on the back of the head. "What was that for?" he says rubbing the back of his head.

"I can't believe you." you say trying to remain calm.

"I can, I can always smell a pair of good legs. If you want I can recommend a better body lotion to use if you want. Your legs were smooth but not as smooth as I like them." Ravi says sitting back in the chair and crossing his arms. You're facing the stove when you clench your fists. You decide to let him have it.

"Dammit Ravi!" you yell causing him to jump in his seat. "What the hell. You don't do that, what would've happened if you entered the wrong house? There's plently of people in this neighborhood with guns you could've gotton shot. You're lucky I didn't wake up and whack you with the baseball bat in my closet!" You continue yelling at him while pacing back and forth between the stove top and the table.

"Calm down y/n I know where you live, there's nothing to be worried about." Ravi stand up and reaches for your shoulder but you quickly pull away.

"Calm down? You want me to calm down? You entered my house while I was sleeping, who does that? Robbers that's who. Not to mention you almost burnt down my kitchen."

"Almost," Ravi interupts, "It's been awhile since the last time I cooked but I wanted to surprise you."

"Oh you surprised me alright. You also pissed me off. I can't believe you would do that!" you start screaming at him again.

"It's not that bad y/n." he says grabbing the orange juice from the fridge and pouring himself a glass.

"You touched my legs. While I was sleeping. Do you not understand how creepy that is? You crawled through my window while I was asleep and touched my legs. Now you're telling me I should use a different lotion just to please you? I'm dating N you know. Not you, so you have no right to tell me what kind of lotion I should use. I'm surprised you're not telling me to change my shampoo." you say

"Oh that, yeah you should probably get a different brand. I don't like the way it feels on my hair." Ravi says taking a sip of orange juice. You glare at him and cross your arms.

"You went in my bathroom?" you say

"Well I actually took a shower before I made you breakfast." Ravi says sitting back down at the table.

"If it was any other girl whose house you walked into and touched her legs and used her shower while she was sleeping she would've bitch-slapped you." You say trying to calm down.

"What's a bitch-slap?" Ravi asks. You smile.

"This." you say bitch-slapping him across the face.

"Hey, no need to be so violent." Ravi says holding the side of his face. You scoff.

"I can't believe it. I can not believe you. You're like a borderline pervert." you say leaning up against the counter.

"Listen, I'm sorry I caused you so much trouble. I wasn't thinking." he says leaving the table and walking over to you.

"You never think do you?" you say. "Don't touch me unless you want to lose your hand." Ravi pulls his hand away and sighs. You glare at him until you hear a door open and voices coming from the living room. Your expression changes from upset to scared.

"Who's that?" you whisper getting closer to Ravi.

"I don't know, the door was locked." Ravi says pulling you close.

"Well someone got in." you whisper walking over to the drawer and grabbing a knife.

"What are you doing?" Ravi whisper-shouts.

"If it's an intruder they're going to meet my knife. Ravi gets behind you and you walk out of the kitchen and towards the living room. You hear laughing and footsteps. You and Ravi stand against the wall and hear the footsteps come around the corner. You and Ravi both scream as the person comes around the corner, Ravi's scream sounding like a little girl.

"Aish, what are you doing with that?" the person says.

"Ken, what are you doing here?" you say putting the knife down and trying to catch your breath. You head back towards the kitchen and put the knife away. Ken comes into the kitchen followed by Ravi and the other members.

"We came with N" Ken says

"And picked up some doughnuts and coffee." Leo says bringing the box to the table. Ravi heads for the table and picks up a doughnut. The other members sit around the table and start eating.

"Where's N?" you ask pulling the fruit bowls out of the fridge and setting them on the table. Leo hands you a coffee and you take it.

"Here I am!" N says cheerfully entering the kitchen.

I'll stop there. The story was a bit short when I wrote it out awhile ago so I added to it. I also took some stuff out and rephrased a few things and decided to add the other Vixx members. I hope you enjoyed the first chapter of this new fanfic. I don't know how long it will be probably not as long as Dating a Beat Boxer. I don't have a title for this fanfic I've just been referring to it as 'the one with N' so I know which one I'm talking about and I don't know what I should title it either.

Anyway, thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed.

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