NCT Coming Back with 18 Members and 6 MVs?!!?!?

Here's a translation of the article:

The new concept group NCT will make a comeback with NCT 2018. 'NCT 2018' is a very large project that can see the identity and charm of NCT at a glance. It includes 18 members . NCT U, a Seoul team based in Seoul, and NCT DREAM, a team of teenagers. In addition to making a total of 6 music videos, NCT has an album to be released in March. NCT will be conducting its first group live broadcast 'WELCOME NCT 2018 (Welcome Nation 2018)' via SMTOWN and NCT channels of Naver V LIVE at 7 pm on the 6th. (that was yesterday lol!)

We've already seen a clip of the yearbook:

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