Introducing Kiwon of Rainz

I will be introducing you to Kiwon of Rainz.

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Kiwon Facts:

– He is under 2Y Entertainment.

– He trained for 4 years and 7 months.

– He is a former JYP trainee who used to train with GOT7.

– He likes to take walks and watch movies.

– His specialty is playing instruments and arranging music.

– He likes to play around.

– He appeared in Sunmi’s “Full Moon” MV.

– He’s the king of covers in the band.

– He’s the most talkative representative for the group

– He’s one of the oldest members but looks like the youngest member.

– He has a song called “Run Run Run”.

– He’s the most reliable member.

– Seongri, Kiwon & Eunki were on Open Up Team before they were eliminated – PD101

– He is roommate with Daehyun.

– Kiwon’s favorite RAINZ’s song is the side track “Rainy Day”.

– He was eliminated episode 8, rank 53 on Produce 101 Season 2

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