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Hello there!!! Its been a while since my last review...So here it is...


Summary: Her father left her mother for another woman...she hated going to see him. But one day when she goes to her father's house she meets Jimin.

There are 5 chapters total.

It looks like she is no longer on this site but you can still read her story.

Finding Love in a Java Shop (Jimin x Reader Fan Fiction): Chapter 1~

My Review....aka my reaction:

There is one part that makes me freak out, its something every person hates to deal with....when you think you are on good terms with someone but you over hear there conversation with someone else.

The story although short (im sure she would have continued) was a cute story. I think the way she ended it was still good. where she left off she could have added more if she desired to do so.

Go check it out...

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