I've Been Busy!


I've been so tired these past few weeks!

(for those who don't know I work Tech Support for my school)


But to say the least I love the classes I got!

Senior Project

Publication Design

and Online class

(if you don't know i'm in collage and I study Graphics Design)

(sorry for the image in advance thats how it saved for a PNG)

Both of my on ground class have the same theme going on with it being for children for my other class.

The other project i'll be working on is a magazine for children and its going to match with the calender. the magazie will contain some information about animals, animals going extient and other information of what you can do to help save our animals.

Once I finish some things of my Magazine I'll make sure to share with you guys.

What I was thinking that for promotions for both of these are that If you buy the magazine and calendar then all the funds would go to all the endanger animals

Endangered Animals


The next month is gonna be hellish trying to get all this stuff done.


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