My Favorite Japanese Songs

These are a few of my favorite Japanese songs. Not all of them are pop some are rock!

Motion By: Nishiuchi Mariya

Missing You By: My First Story

Taka from One Ok Rock's little brother Hiro is in this band!

Sugar By: Nissy (AAA)

I love Nissy so much!

Loop By: Heidi

I found this one a long time ago when I first watched the anime Kaichou wa Maid-sama.

Girl Digger By: Faky

I loved them back when I first found them but now they've lost some members.

Party It Up By: AAA

Quite possibly my favorite Japanese group. Idk why I just love them!! Sadly one of the female members has left the group so the group is now 6 members. :(

The Way Back By: One Ok Rock

I love them so much! My cousin and I fangirl over them so much!

Sayonara Hitori By: Taemin

My favorite Japanese song by a Korean artist.

The Birth By: Mamoru Miyano

He's such a good singer. I found him first as a voice actor though. I found this song through the anime Ajin.

Howling By: Abingdon Boys School

I found this from watching the anime Darker Than Black. I already liked Abingdon Boys School because of their opening for D.Gray-Man.

Gekidou By: Uverworld

I couldn't find the full version for this so I had to settle for the anime video.

In My World By: ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D

Obsession By: X4

Most of my favorites are from the anime I've watched. XD

What are your favorite Japanese songs?
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