~A Date with Chan~

This week, we are celebrating Valentines in both the got7 and stray kids teams, so I am going to try to attempt to write something. This is probably going to be terrible, but hey! I'm trying! *cracks knuckles* lets do this!

Your boyfriend, Chan, has been incredibly busy trying to debut for years now, and he's recently gotten the news that he was going to get the chance to finally debut. This means that he's been even more busy than he was before, but you've always been there to support him and his friends. You were so excited to be able to watch him finally debut this year. However, today was the first date that he would be taking you on in a while, and it was to celebrate Valentine's day. You weren't supposed to know about it, but you were close with the other members of the group, and they couldn't keep secrets from you.

Chan came around and quickly rushed you off to a near by bbq restaurant, which you were both excited for. He was dressed up in a tux and you wearing a beautiful dress of your favorite color. You both chit chatted while waiting on your food to be delivered, along the lines of how practice has been for him and how work had been for you. It was nice to be able to sit down and spend time with him. You missed him a lot, but you also understood the importance of him wanting to debut, especially since so many of his friends have already debuted.

Suddenly, the date took a turn that you were not expecting.

"Y/N, now I know we've been dating for a bit, but I'm going to be quite busy and there's going to be things and we're also young, so I got you a promise ring. I want you to know that I love you, and I hope you will always wait for me, even when there are hardships." He says, being the cute and adorable boyfriend that he is!

You nodded and let him place the ring on your finger, because you knew that you wanted to be with him. You both had even adopted a kitty together back at your apartment, which is cheesy, but you both wanted the cat to be a symbol of your relationship, which was your first step to taking care of something together.

The date continued with you two walking around outside, being able to see a few stars starting to show in the night. You felt that it was incredibly romantic and you were very happy being able to just relax and spend time with your amazing boyfriend on his day off.

Please lets not talk about how cheesy this is. I haven't written in a long while and I'm sorry for the cheesiness...

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