[Unconfirmed] Reports That MBLAQ's Lee Joon Attempted Suicide

An exclusive report was released earlier stating that former MBLAQ member-turned-actor Lee Joon attempted suicide by cutting and showed his wrists to a military superior.

“I attempted suicide. I will work hard to serve my military service.”

Because of this, Lee Joon was reportedly sent to the Green Camp, where soldiers who require mental assistance are sent for treatment.

Lee Joon has, however, quickly denied all reports that he attempted suicide in the military.

denied all claims

“This is our position regarding the articles about Lee Joon. After checking with Lee Joon’s family, the reports about him showing his wrists in an attempted suicide, being sent to the Green Camp are all not true. Lee Joon’s family is currently very shocked by this news and we would like everyone to refrain from reporting this to help maintain the psychological stability of Lee Joon and his family.”


If you or someone you know is thinking of suicide, please seek help here:


Who TF would claim such a thing?! And even if someone did attempt suicide, do you think that making it a public issue is going to help anyone? Regardless of what happened or didn't happen, let people live in peace :(

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