~New In Here ~

Hello Hello, I'm new in here ~

I'm so glad to become a part of this wonderful community on vingle~ As you can see, I'm pretty new in here... I hope to meet y'all kpop fans hehe

A little about myself?

I'm Russian girl, that lives in California. I love kpop, expatualy EXO, Chanyeol is my ultbae~ However, I'm a multie fan... I love Got7, BigBag, BTS, Red Velvet, Black Pink, The Rose, Dean, Block B, Seventeen, Monsta X, Zico, Zion T. etc.

There are so many of them... Yet EXO is my ult group. Yes, I am EXOL, but don't be afraid of me, please, I'm chill EXOL

I love Korean language, fashion, lifestyle, dramas etc.

LOVE anime, fanfic (if you have any EXO fanfic or any other group please sign me up!) thanks ~

~Well I will stop here hehe~

Nice to meet y'all, and I hope that you will like my posts


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