24k Flashmob!

In Polland!

lol yea this is from 2 years ago but Omg Im bringing this back up.

So how would you react if the cover your doing, the actual idols are there and dancing with you?!

So your going about your day, getting amped up and ready for a dance show with friends. when the music starts everyone rushed to take formation, then you see these recognisable men standing in front of the group.

Don't freak! Just keep dancing, you can fall apart later. So 24K members are video recording the groups, thats nice, Oh Oh no their joining in the dance, freak mod officially on! I cant believe 24k members are dancing with the mob. Its amazing and they look like they are enjoying themselves.

when the song ends then freak out and hyperventilate that 24k danced with the group.

hehe hope that painted a pretty picture

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