Going to Weekly Idol

The Boys on their way to Weekly Idol

Today.. 180221

Long post...

I like JB's new style ..I dont care what people say about the hair cut. To me His face looks beutiful with the haircut

I am checking Out their concept to figure out whats coming.. and this looks just like him a Rock Star... haha well a Musician someone who compose his own songs, sings and play instruments.

couldn't see Mark's very well this were the only photos of him.. But That sweeter looks like an I ❤ NY sweater. May ne Not it doea has NY on it and it only makes me think of TOP MODEL MARK TUAN..hahaa

Jackson will be with them Hopefully on everything, but he still doing his own thingnof course.

He got Papillon Jacket when he went in to film but when he came OUT he had this one on

the burgundy jacket and the black under shirt. It could be oart of the concept and an also be that he can not promote himself when his with GOT7? may be, is all about GOT7 now he said that this year is GOT7 year ..lol

JinYoung has the actor look.

YoungJae is YoungJae the idol.. .lol

Fashionista BamBam..

The Dancer YugYeom

They are all coming back as their own self as concept with their own story.. lkle Jinyoung said..

Can't wait. D'Day is Approaching even if JYP hasn't drop the Date for the comeback, March is around the corner.

they will drop the Date any day now.

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