Who: Jay Park X Reader

What: Smut

Story: N/A, One shot

He pushed me down to the chair and I looked up at him. My short corduroy skirt laid on my lap neatly just before his hand harshly gripped my thigh. The tight grip excited me in ways I can't even comprehend. The way he slowly approached me was like a demon preying on the innocent and my flesh was all too ready for sin.

He closed the space between us and his warm breath met my lips to melt me. I start to feel heat building in my core and my legs want to rub together but they're blocked by his leg standing between them. The way my heart is racing, with him getting closer and closer every second, makes me feel like it's going to jump out. Just from a simple touch, a subtle tease, just from not knowing what he'd do next had me so excited because I was fantasizing about all the ways it could go. He could take me hard and rough, he could bite my bottom lip and growl like an animal. Despite his slow movements, Jay wasn't the type to make love. He was the type to fuck. I wanted it.

His nails bit into my thigh just as his lips touched my skin. Right on the neck.


He's slow and methodical with his movements. Everyone of them was calculated to drive me crazier and crazier.

I loved it.

His tongue glides over my neck making me simultaneously shiver and giggle. It tickles but it's enticing at the same time. His hand slides off my thigh and his leg pushes against mine to part them more. Soon I feel his finger rolling against my womanhood, finding my clit that was hidden underneath cotton bikini-cut panties. I moan lightly, barely enough for anyone else to hear, let alone ourselves. My hips begin to roll a little while arousal builds up in my panties.

"Just be a good girl." he whispers to me.

"How, when you're teasing me Jay." I mewl.

He smirks then follows it with a chuckle. He's clearly amused by how powerless I am. Such a change for a woman like me, considering I take control almost all the time.

I can't with him though.

This dude just does something to me.

"They can never find out about this." I warn him, as if that'll give me some control back.

Just a mere taste of being in charge again and being slightly sober was all I needed but Jay wasn't having it. He pushes his thumb into my clit making me cry out in pleasure but I quickly cover my mouth so that I'm not loud. Jay chuckles lightly,

"The boys are downstairs and instructed not to interrupt our little interview," he says interview with suggestion as if I didn't already know that he lied to his flat mates.

"They won't hear us so don't hide that pretty little voice from me." he teases me.

I bite my lip completely intoxicated by his tone. His thumb is drawing circles fast and it's driving me nuts because it's not enough. I need so much more. I find myself licking my lips while gripping the arm of the chair.

"I'm gonna fuck you till you're weak girl." he smiles.

"Then do it already." I say impatient.

"Hey don't rush a good thing." he grins.

He's cocky as hell. I can't lie I only came here to find out if his D game was as good as he claimed it was. Damn, I can't tell you how long he teased me at Uni, talking about how he could make me see the stars, make me wetter than the Atlantic, make me cum so hard I'd lose my voice and my mind. He made his dick sound like it was made of glitter AND gold. I just wanna know how bright it shines.

He pulls his finger away and has me stand up. I have a white button up shit tucked into my gray corduroy skirt but he doesn't hesitate to pull that from my skirt. He lifts it over my head and kisses me harshly afterwards. Our tongues are going to war in each others mouth, his takes over then mine and then his again. It's an all out affair and I love it, the slick smooth warm muscle moving back and forth in a small fight.

Round one ends with Jay as the winner.

I'm still wearing a camisole underneath but that's only a thin layer and honestly my bra is even thinner. He cups my breasts while his thumbs reach my nipples and they start to roll over them. They're perked up and enjoying the attention and my body is too because it's on fire. I need him, god I want him so bad he's driving me insane. He pulls away abruptly during the kiss which almost makes me cry.

"Wae?" I whine.

"I know your hungry girl but I'm not rushing." he says.

I look at him not understanding until he comes back to my lips. One hand stays on my breast to tease me while the other cups my face. His kiss is slow, soft and deep and then I realize what he meant. I was trying to take over, he was savoring the kiss while I was trying to devour him.

Gotta watch that.

He backs me up to the desk and then yanks my skirt down flawlessly. Then my panties, he tosses them aside like there's no need for them.


He lifts my butt onto the desk and lifts my leg onto his shoulder while pushing my other leg out. His mouth approaches my heat and I instantly feel his tongue, it flicks quickly against my clit, back and forth in sharp movements. The tip of his tongue ravishes my clit and then he flattens his tongue so it glides all the way up my folds slowly. I grip onto the back of his head, a fist full of his hair is in my hand and I start to roll my hips against his mouth. I have little control since his hand grips one of my thighs so it stays open. I look down to see his tongue snaking out of his mouth going to work and making blood rush to my privates. His tongue does the English alphabet and he moves through the ones he can tell does nothing for me. Past I, K and P but he nearly has be screaming on Q so he stays there for a while. The tease of his magical tongue is throwing me over board. He's a devil with his tongue. My core is beyond wet and I can hear him slurp me up every now and again.

"So wet baby girl." he groans in my heat.

That's so hot!

"Jay- I want you please. Please." I whine.

He keeps going down on me. He's enjoying a full meal of me like he's never tasted a girl before. I know he hears me but he doesn't want to stop. I cover my mouth while he continues his alphabet. R feels good but S is killing me! It's so fucking good I just want to tell him to stay right there, just make me cum with his mouth, send me to heaven and back I don't care. There's so much building up and my heart is racing. He takes a moment to suck on my clit and i4ts just driving me closer to the edge. I want to be fucked. I need him inside me, pounding hard and just ruining me. I really wanted him to make me weak. Make me feel like I could be weak.

He picks back up again and my leg starts shaking violently, it's so good and it's pushing me over. His U, V and W are nice but when I feel him reach Z I gasp and cover my mouth. I moan hard and long onto my palm desperate for the other boys not to hear me. I feel my body quiver uncontrollably. I hadn't cum, I was close but that wasn't what sparked the reaction. He pushed two fingers inside me and it caught me off guard but it felt so damn good.

He was the devil.

He stands up and pulls my hand away from my mouth. My mouth stays agape and my eyes are half lidded while his fingers run along my walls making me tighten around them. I feel them glide in effortlessly with my wetness while trying to stretch me out as well. My legs feel like jello and my head has blood rushing to it. It feels like I'm floating. Jay kisses me hard and I can taste myself on his lips. My lips feel swollen but each time he pulls away for a hot panting breath the more turned on I get. I'm a complete soaking wet.

His fingers start moving harder and faster and he pulls his lips away to look me in the eyes. I can see his pupils blown and he's visibly panting. I'm begging for a release over and over again; his fingers pick up speed and I just need him inside me.

"You like that?" he breathes.

"Yes, yes, god yes."

"You're so fucking wet." he chuckles.

"I need- need you." I pant.

He pulls his fingers out and sucks his fingers clean. He then starts to undress himself but unbearablely slow to the point I'm wiggling pin the desk with anticipation. I believe it's on purpose too, he takes just long enough to let my edging orgasm slip away. I'm two seconds from jumping him and doing whatever I want but I really don't want him to stop this and I know Jay's the type to stop everything just to show he's in control.

When it comes to sex, no one dominates Jay.

He drops his pants and steps out of them but he just stands there. In all his glory, his rock hard length stares back at me and all I can do it lick my lips. Part of me wants to hope down from the desk and get on my knees to taste him. At some point, I start imagining him in my mouth even though he's simply stating infront of me stroking his length. It looks delicious, something I want to savor. I bite my lip a little and just watch his hand move up and down. Not slow but not fast it's just the right speed to enjoy the show.

My poor womanhood is screaming for some action. She needs attention and she knows exactly what she wants. I grip the end of the desk wanting so bad for him to just be inside me already. Come on Jay hurry the Fuck up. If I say that he'll stall and I don't think I can survive that. He's done too much teasing. I don't know if he fucks other girls like this but perhaps because I'm used to control he wants to enjoy me melt in the fact that I have absolutely home right now.

My damn heart is pounding. I'm going to scream! He starts moving towards me. Fuck finally! I need this. I deserve this.

He turns me around and then just pushes me down on the desk. My chest presses against the light brown wood desk and I immediately feel him fill me up. He's so big and so deep I feel myself going insane. He's stretching me out and it hurts but feels fucking amazing at the same time. I cover my mouth but he pulls my hand back so he can hear me. He pulls out of me slowly and I'm left with regret from the emptiness and then he goes deep back inside me. The thrust was powerful enough that it makes me moan out loud.

He keeps moving out slow and in hard, rough.

In control.

Absolute control.

He grips each side of my hips and starts to grind rhythmically inside of me. He's moving hard but he has long strokes. It feels amazing! He was big and filling and had me ready to dive into an abyss.

"Fuck! Please Fuck me. Fuck me."

And I mean hard, so hard I can't walk out of this damn room. So hard I see whole new universes, so hard that I feel high and go on a bomb ass trip. I want all 8 inches deep and destroying me. He slaps my ass and says,

"Tell me you love this dick baby girl."

"I love it. I love it. Please Jay. More!"

He grips me tighter and starts slamming into me. I'm crying but in the most marvelous way. He's crashing into me hard like how giant waves crashe onto the beach. The noises sound loud to me. Wet, dripping arousal, it was seeping from my core onto the floor. Talk about swimming in your seas The desk is creaking and I can feel him so deep inside of me that it's almost odd. I bite my lip but I'm whining and trying to keep myself from being too loud.

"So deep." I mewl.

"Yes baby girl. I told you I'd fuck you deep girl."

"Yes daddy! Make me cum." I cry.

He smacks my ass again.

"Don't rush me." he growls.

I'm going crazy and I'm craving a release so much my hands are gripping the desk to the point my knuckles go white. I need it and I'm closing in. He can't hide it either, he's losing himself in the fucking. He speeds up and the desk rattles. His roommates have to hear us but maybe not. He's wrecking me and I love it. It's so hard are bodies are clashing into each other. I move back against him just as he forces himself deeper into me and I can feel him reach further. It's so hot and heavy I can't think properly.

I start to play with my nipples, he reaches for my leg and pushes me up the desk further so I have more support. He places that leg on his shoulder and he fucks me sense less. I hear him grunt, shit that sound is so sexy and manly. I can't take.

"Fuck I'm gonna cum."

"Don't." he snaps.

I'm crying but it's because it feels so amazing. Sex is a high on its own and I'd love doing this more with him. I've gotten high once in my life and it never compared to this.

"Please please please." I beg.

I keep begging I even bring my fingers down to my clit. I let my finger tips draw fast circles. Around the same pace Jay is fucking my brains out.

"Let me cum."

"Oh you're gonna cum girl. Cum so fucking hard baby." he groans.

I hope that's permission because theres no holding back anymore. The string snaps and I jump off. I reach the height of my high as I feel myself come undone and white clouds my vision. I don't even feel like myself I just feel like I'm floating. So much blood rushes to my head it's like I can't even hear a thing but I see Jay out of me quickly beating his dick over my stomach to find his own release. I feel my hole pulse and tighten then his hot ribbons coat my stomach like a panting. He doesn't seem to find that to be enough and perhaps to ride down his own high he glides his length along my folds.

"You did good baby girl." he whispers gently to me.

"I-beam don't know where I left my soul." I joke while catching my breath.

Jay chuckles and we sit up together. He bring tissues over for me to clean myself up and I finally get my clothes on. We both sit in his library for a moment not saying anything. This is more like a recovery period. After about ten minutes I stand up and he stands with me. There's a knock at the door and Jay opens it up.

"I thought I told you not to bother us." Jay said.

His flatmate nods and then looks at me. He has a slight smirk that he fights back then looks at Jay.

"Had to make sure you weren't giving away our secrets." his flatmate teases.

Jay chuckles and looks at me,

"Nah we were just finishing up our little interview. I hope you got what you need it."

"Actually-I got everything that I need Jay. Thanks." I say with a smart smile.

Jay chuckles and as I start to walk away he says,

"Hey if you want to interview me again. Hit me up, I'm available any time."

I wave with a chuckle and think about taking him up on that offer.

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