College Affairs Ch.1

Who: Park Jaebeom x Reader

What: Smutmance ( inbred child of Romance and smut)

Story: Ordinary girl. Ordinary Guy. And sweet sweet drama.


I was walking down the hall of Uni with someone trailing behind me. He had been calling my name for a while but I've definitely been ignoring him. It's funny to me but it's probably annoying to the people in the hallway. I've definitely gotten a lot of looks. The thing is I have my head phones in. What other people don't know is that my music stopped playing a while ago, I forgot to put the damn playlist on repeat and with 200 songs on one list I had reached the end of it by the end of the week.

Finally a hand catches my shoulder and whips me around. I look up at a fairly cute guy looking down at me seemingly out of breath. I sigh and plop one earbud out at a time.

"What?" I said like I was annoyed.

I was a little to be honest, I don't really like being seen with him in public. It just causes too much attention. He doesn't realize that and he's never really cared to begin with.

"How come you ignored me?" he pouted playfully.

I turned around while rolling my eyes and said in almost monotone,

"Because you're worth ignoring."

"Aw come on Y/n that's not fair!" he pouted again.

He threw his arm around my shoulders and I just sighed heavily. We walked together down the hallway while I headed to the library to look for some books for my research paper.

"What do you want Hyukwoo?" I sighed.

"How far have you gotten on that little idea of yours?" he asked.

I looked at him annoyed. I really wish he wouldn't talk about it so openly. Even if he didn't say what it was, I didn't want anyone else knowing about it. It was a dream of mine, I don't really need to get into it now but I had shared it with Hyukwoo looking for some insight but I swore him to secrecy. It only annoyed me more because I just knew he was going to tell me he wanted me to include someone else in on the idea.

"Don't worry about." I said.

Hyukwoo pouted again,

"Aw come on I'm only asking. Things like that take-"

"Hyukwoo! Stop it, I told you if you want to talk about it, not in a public place that includes the library." I angry whispered.

Apparently, I was still loud enough to earn a shush from someone in the corner of the room. We weren't that far away from them to begin with. I just sighed and continued on. Once again Hyukwoo followed behind. Me and Hyukwoo became friends in our last year of highschool and it was a decent friendship. It was one that happened on accident I suppose.

Hyukwoo was actually a friend of my neighbor's and when we were kids we hung out a lot but as we grew up our interests changed. He was interested in chasing skirts and well- I was more interested in actually doing something productive with my life. The both of us had different motivators though. We had different styles of growing up and honestly it seemed like his younger brother was the one that understood me more, which was odd because we always butted heads.

Anyway, we continued living next to each other and even went to the same schools but we hung with different crowds. Hyukwoo just happened to be an odd kind of accident. He just made friends with everyone. Hyukwoo was my age, we only fit in on that one category, everything he likes I've either never tried, don't desire to try it or just plain dont like it. I've made my peace with being a boring person. If boring means not doing anything to put me in jail I'm all for it.

Hyukwoo took pity on me and I think it's because our mutual friend fed him some sob story about me. To this day, Hyukwoo doesn't have all the facts. I wasn't abandoned as a child but technically I'm an outsider in more than one way. I'm mixed so my skin isn't just on the fair pale side but more of a coffee color. I easily stand out even in a large crowd in Seoul. The only way someone could beat me is if they were darker than me or had tentacles.

Whichever is more likely.

Anyway, Hyukwoo has kind of clung to me since becoming friends with me in highschool. Truth is we've knew each other since the beginning of highschool, I just didn't consider him a friend until the last year. Don't get me wrong he's a nice guy, he's not sneaky, he's fairly honest and a gentleman to boot but I don't trust easily. I usually spend most of my time trying to push people away. Although, given my next move in life I know I'll have to let some people in...even just a little.

Hyukwoo just wouldn't budge though. No matter how many insults I threw at him, how much I ignored him, closed the door right in his face, left him on seen he was persistent. Hyukwoo didn't need extra friends he had an abundance of them. For some reason, he assumed we were friends long before I had considered him one but once I finally realized I wasn't getting rid of him, I just gave in.

Now, we go to Uni together that was simply a choice we had made separately and frankly I wasn't too shocked to see him going there as well. He was a well known guy, he had a very cute side to him. He was persistent the same way a puppy would be persistent with chewing up a slipper. He wasn't thin but he wasn't huge. He had a little tummy that, on occasion, when I was in a good mode, I'd poke with my forefinger.

"Look, I'm sorry Hyukwoo I just, have a lot on my mind right now." I sighed through my apology

He looked at me curiously and said,

"What's going on Y/n?"

I sighed heavily again while wiping my brown,

"Annual visit from my parents; they should be arriving soon to inspect my flat and look at me disapprovingly as they tell me all the other nonsense things I could be doing with my life."

"Don't parents usually want their kids to go to college?"

"Yeah but my parents are just-werid they always have been. Yah know? My dad wants me to go into IT, my mom wants me to go into medicine and both of them just fail to realize that I just lack the intelligence for either of those career fields."

Hyukwoo smiled softly almost as if he pitied me. I don't know why but that smile made me chuckle myself. I suppose I'd pity him too if he were in the same situation. My parents just weren't the most supportive people on the planet. If anything they added on more stress.

I walked down the isles looking for books on a research paper that was due in a few weeks and I needed a little more research material for the project. Hyukwoo followed behind me talking to me about something that I hadn't been paying attention to for several minutes. Occasionally, I through in a few "uh-huh's" and "really's" just to make it seem like I was listening. Hyukwoo sometimes talks too much and so I've trained myself to hear him like I hear white noise.

Not at all.

Honestly, who likes to listen to people ramble. I've come to terms with the fact that I'm kind of a bitch. I know I am, it's just a fact of life. There's always gonna be a few assholes in the world and I happen to be one of them. I'm okay with that.

Hyukwoo is too good natured to care that I am one. That's okay too. Sometimes it's nice to have him around to remind me I'm not so bad. Hyukwoo follows me out of the library and too my next class while talking my ear off. This boy has a set of lungs you wouldn't believe.

All through my classes I could only think about the moment my parents would arrive. I really couldn't even deal with them right now. There's too much going on in my school life to have to deal with it. Once class end I just find myself walking home.

Something about today was different.

You know how you take the same walk, down the same street and see the same faces you see everyday of the week and you don't seem to question a thing about it. You don't question why your life is just so normal, so formal so...predictable. For so long, I was doing this and the stress of my parents arrival had finally blossomed a new thought.

My life was empty.

I spent a lot of time trying not to get close to people and because of that I didn't have anyone really. I'm finding myself walking up to my flat and I think about Hyukwoo rambling on. For a moment, I'm annoyed I don't have him around to talk to me senselessly. I just never realized how alone I was until I started to realize it.

"What took you so long loser?"

I hear the voice behind me and whip around. A cherry red Audi is parked on the curb and outside of the car, leaning against it was someone I hadn't seen in a while. He had black shades on and his hair was ombre blond just on his bangs. The back of his head was cut down and his tattoos were far more abundant now. He was wearing all white pants, a white shirt and navy shoes. He had a light navy sweater on with the sleeves rolled up and he we giving me this smug smirk as I looked back at him indifferently.

He was smiling big, showing all his teeth and he reached for his sunglasses.

"What the hell are you doing out here with an Audi?" I asked.

"Oh, it's not mine. A friend of mine let me borrow it. The guy's loaded; he has about fifteen cars alone." he answered.

He pushed himself up from the car and started walking over to me.

"What are you doing back in Seoul Jaebeom-ah?" I asked.

He chuckled and backed me against my front door then placed his hand on the frame behind me. He grinned devilishly and then crashed his lips onto mine without warning. I saw it coming though. His hand gripped my ass while he stole breath from me. His lips locked with mine and controlled me in a way I hadn't felt for a while.

"I'm here to retrain this disrespectful fat ass." he growled against my lips.

Park Jaebeom was sort of my childhood friend, we used to live next door to each other. He and Hyukwoo became friends but because we were younger than Jay he ran off after he graduated; we only see him when he comes back to Seoul. During high school, we hooked up a few times but just for sex. It was kind of an odd propsal.

If I remember correctly, when he mentioned wanting to sleep with me we were at his house watching cartoons. He called my name and started telling me how his parents weren't home and wouldn't be for a while and that he was really horny. I thought that meant he was asking me to leave because he was going to call a girl over. So when I asked him did he want me to go, he simply told me he wanted me to stay and help get him off. I thought he was joking but when I realized he wasn't I told him I was a virgin and didn't know how.

That fact didn't surprise him, he seemed even more eager to get me, knowing I had never been with someone. I remember him saying,

"Have you never wondered what it feels like?"

I remember telling him I was curious but had never really thought about it enough to do something about it. So he leaned over and lifted my chin with his finger and said,

"Then let's do it now cupcake. I'll Fuck the shit outta you girl."

He chuckled after that, some how it was intriguing enough for me to go along with it. It was a nice experience and after it happened he asked me if I ever wanted to try again. I told him sure not really meaning it because I didn't think he meant it either but I later found out he was serious. We really only hooked up when he wanted it and when he was single. There were only a handful of times we had sex in high school and since I've been in college it seems like the times were even more spaced out. He wasn't in Seoul often. I never really wanted a relationship with him and he didn't really either. Not really anyway. How I was feeling now, a quick fuck wouldn't be so bad.

His big hands groped my ass and squeezed it before he smacked it. His lips took over mine again and his teeth caught my bottom lip between his. He tasted like cinnamon coffee, he must've drank it before he came here. Over the past few years, he'd stop by just for a fuck and then disappear. I just didn't expect him to be back in Seoul for a while. It seemed like he came back sooner.

We used to be friends. I guess we still are. I don't know, I can never really tell. We argue sometimes and it's rare but he doesn't like my attitude. He likes that he can fuck me whenever he wants (usually). He'll linger around after sex sometimes and talk with me to catch up but then he'll just disappear. All I know was there was something that I did to him in our childhood that made him treat me different but no matter how many times he hints around it he won't tell me what I did. We went from friends to fuck buddies or fuck acquaintances. I don't know.

For such a simple life, I make the most complicated decision.

"Are you gonna invite me in cupcake?" he teased.

"Kind of hard to do that with your tongue down my throat." I retort.

"You love it. Now open the damn door so I can Fuck the shit outta of you girl " he said pressing his body up against mine.

I slightly smiled and turned to open the door. He won't keep his hands off me. I can feel his heat, thick, hard and he's pressing it up against my ass. His hands are on my waist and then his hand goes around to my stomach. He starts kissing my shoulder and up to my neck while we walk into my flat.

"Goddamn you smell good cupcake." he says into my neck.

The tickle is enticing and my hand goes up to meet his cheek. His kisses on my neck become deeper. His tongue is all over my skin and then I feel him bite down on my neck. My chest rises with a hot breath.

"Jay." I whispered his name.

His hand goes up my shirt to play with my breast while his hand stays on my stomach pressing me against his body. I can feel him throbbing against me and my core is melting. I bit my lip trying to stifle a moan but my hips start moving on their own. My ass starts grinding against his clothed member and I can hear him groan in my ear completely turned on.

We make it to my kitchen and he pins me to the island. He starts grinding on my ass and I can hear his hot and heavy breaths turning me on more. I've already started to drench my panties from all of this. I push my ass back more and start circling it around on him. In return, he grabs my hips and hard too. I look back to catch a glimpse of him biting his lip and we haven't even started fucking yet.

My heart is pounding in my chest and my legs are already tingling, getting weak. I don't like slow sweet sex, he tried that once and it annoyed me to the point I threatened to leave in the middle of it. He knows my body now though. He knows my limits and how long I can last. He knows how to push me and he knows how to get me weak.

Jay pulls away from me and turns me around. He yanks my leggings down and says,

"Bring that ass here."

We're literally an inch apart Jay I can't get closer to you.

Jay picks me up and places me on top of my island counter. He pushes my thong to the side and just starts devouring my heat. His tongue goes to work in the most fantastic way. He's licking me up with a flat tongue and then flicking my sensitive nub with the tip of his tongue. I had to place my hand behind me to keep me up right. My other hand was in his hair and I was gripping it tight. My hips grind onto his tongue and I'm just going crazy.

"Damn girl you still taste good. I love how you take care of yourself." Jay says coming up for air since he started his attack

His fingers enter me and start fucking my womanhood while he licks me.

"Fuck. That feels so good." I moan.

He hooks his fingers in me and I pull his hair a bit while I scream into the open air. My legs come up higher and open wider. Oral makes me cum quick and I can already feel it coming.

"Jay...ah. Jay I'm gonna-come." I warn him.

He doesn't care. His lips wrap around my clit and he starts sucking on it.

"Fuck! Oh Fuck! Oh my God keep going. Keep sucking- my -Fuck!" I moan out loud uncontrollably.

I think I become an entirely different person during sex. My moaning just makes him work more. He stops sucking my clit and the tip of his tongue goes back to flicking it. I see him look up at me from eating me out and it's so damn erotic I feel like I'm going to bust. I bite the back of my finger and then my bottom lip and I can see him smile at my reactions. He loves all the things he can do to me.

"Oh Fuck Jay. Jay. Jay I'm so-fuck- I'm so fucking close. So close."

He looks up again and says,

"You can come cupcake. Just know I won't stop."

"Oh please don't fucking stop!"

It's so hot, he's so hot. I feel blood rushing and the tingle of a closing orgasm. He goes back to sucking my clit and I scream in pleasure while I beg him not to stop and to keep going. I'm panting and starting to sweat. My legs tense up and I pull his hair.


God I come so hard just from his mouth and true to his word he doesn't stop sucking my clit. It seems like my orgasm is still running on so I'm still whining "oh my god's" and "yes's" between each other. I lay down because I can't take it and he's still sucking. It hurt but it feels so damn good and I know he's just doing this for a second O.

My hands go from my hair to my breast to play with them and my nipples. He yanks me down some more and starts eating me up wildly. It feels like his fucking tongue is every where.

"Holy shit." I breathe.

It feels so fucking good. He pushes my tired leg to the side and says,

"You like that baby girl?"

"God Yes."

It feels like the sweetest torture ever. I can feel my body reacting again and my hips start rolling up into his face. He slaps the side of my ass and I push his face deeper into my core. I can feel him chculcke while his tongue slips inside me. He's going to drive me crazy.

"Get down." Jay commands as he comes back up from my own little sea.

I get down with his help but he immediately turns me around and pushes his hand on my back so I'll bend over. I noticed he's already unbuttoned his pants and pulled his heat out. The next thing I feel is him entering me, stretching me out and filling me with his

warmth. He wastes no time moving either. He starts slamming into my body. His hands are gripping my hips and he's rocking me back into him so each time our bodies meet it's a collision.

"Fuck baby. Your kitty missed me." Jay groans.

He smacked the side of my ass over and over again and I'm pretty sure he's just fascinated by the way it shakes. My insides are turning, he's fucking me so deep I feel him in my stomach. He's got my whole body moving and my legs are still weak from my first orgasm. His groans are animal like, heated and filled with passion.

"My lil cupcake loves how I Fuck her don't you girl?" he says.

"Yes. Yes yes." I whine through heavy moans.

My body is on fire and I'm sweating. He's slamming into me and it seems the smacks of our bodies beating against each other are echoing in my ears. My entire body is rocking back and forth and he's beating my kitty up like he owns me. His hand wraps around my waist and reaches for my clit to draw circles.

My clit is too sensitive right now. I moan out loud in high pleasure but he keeps going with a little sinister chuckle at the end.

"I miss this pussy," he groans.

"You like how I Fuck you babe?"

His fingers pinch my clit and I scream.

"Oh Yes. God yes. Yes Jay. Fuck!"

I'm a completely different person. I'm fucked out, I'm not even thinking just feeling. I'm feeling his heavy thrusts and his burning rod in my core. Stretching my walls, running along them and claiming them for his own. My body is going to be sore I know it and it makes me feel better.

Jay's hand grips the back of my neck and he holds me down. He lifts my butt up a little more and he slows his strokes down. He's so slow he's moving inside me like he needs to becareful, like he doesn't haven't permission to be inside my caverns but he does. He can travel as deep as he wants. With each stroke he goes deeper and pulls out slow like he's trying to piss me off. I feel like I'm going to die it's so amazing. I feel almost high.

"Good girl." he says softly.

Whatever Jay.

He speeds back up again but it's like he's going faster than before and he's reaching a spot that's making me lose my mind. I start gripping the chair he's got me bent over and warn him of the oncoming orgasm. He's not even going to cum inside me. I don't want him to but I do at the same time. I just want to feel it. I won't tell him that but it's only during this intense high that I don't care, he can do whatever he wants.

"Fuck Y/n make me cum cupcake. You're so damn wet babe. I love this shit." he groans.

"Jay keep going don't stop. Don't stop."

Nah, he's not going to stop. He goes harder, he's fucking the shit outta me. He's not planning on me walking any where. His grips are back on my hips and he's just dicking me down. He's got me weak and out of breath. He's out of breath too. He's panting hard and his hands are clammy. We've got our own personal workout.

"I'm cumming. Fuck-fuck I'm cumming Jay."

He doesn't respond he just keeps going until my walls collapse around him and I'm gripping him tighter. His hips jerk unevenly while screaming my orgasm and coming undone. He pulls out and I hear him finishing behind me while I relax on the chair. Then his hot sticky cum streams onto my ass.

I've only slept with Jay.

That's the realization that hits my mind as I start to lose consciousness. I know he's talking but I can't keep my eyes open and the last thing I feel is me being lifted up...

When I wake up, it's midnight and Jay isn't in my room but I'm definitely in my bed. I look around for a few seconds and sigh before I lay back down.


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